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  • pokertime wrote: JCW you need to switch to decaf. My advice is fold pre. I'm not going to bother to analyze every street when I don't think he should have even got that far. Even you said fold pre so I'm not sure what you are freaking out about. C…
  • What do you think his range is for flat flop/call raise, check/ship turn? If he turned something crazy into a bluff and thats why this got posted .. it doesnt happen often enough to call.
  • Thanks Jcw, He had $600 in hand 2. I.just doubled him.up. (J4o) I still have him covered. #2. I agree its a fold pre, and i would fold here 90% of the time. Sometimes I dont play my best. I was really more interested in alternative lines …
  • Hey Sam, the best way to play a big pot here is to bet the flop. 6 ways I never let this check through. Betting $15 gives you a chance to get it in with a T , probably gets called by anyone with 89, 99, 88, Maybe some random over cards / gutters.…
  • I dont think there is any material on "pot control for the limits I play I agree it should not be part of the game at this level. I brought the hand up with a friend mainly because of my play on the turn. And the conversation went more into.. …
  • Thanks. my next question was about opening these hands and sizing.. It never crossed my mind to check either hand.. A friend of mine (who plays much bigger) said he'd be checking hand 1 a lot of the time. Claiming we would have to give up on to…
  • I dont think you'll ever see smaller flushes here. Getting almost 3 to 1 I probably find a call. I dont think the player type you described bluffs here that offen, but people start to do things out of character when it gets short handed. Offer …
  • I'm calling here like always.. why not use our position and see what he does on the turn? If you think he's betting again on must turns I'd much rather let him do that and raise the good ones - instead of 3 bet getting it in on the flop.
  • I ended up betting $100 trying to make it look like I had missed a flush draw. He thought for a very long time and folded. The interesting thing was he claimed he had folded 2 pair and thought I had a strait. I dont believe he had 2 pair but …