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  • Result of hand. V2 tanked for about 5 minutes and say ok if you have it you have it and calls. He has Kx of spade. V1 say she folded A2 and that she would've called my flop raise if v2 wasn't behind her. The sick part of this hand is, had v1 call…
  • Tyrith wrote: If that's the dynamic, then I actually like your check-raise, since they can both call you with worse. On the river, I think it's hard for him to have flopped a set...he played it as absolutely slow as he could if he does. If he …
  • electricsheep wrote: How often does V2 call $410 to win $610 OTF with a flush draw? You said he likes to call pre with speculative hands but this is an entirely different scenario. When you move in OTR, his calling range will often crush the range…
  • Thx for for comment Wendy. Yes, she is pretty sticky. Earlier in the session.1) I have AK on the sb. straddle she open 50 on CO I 3bet to 150 she call flop TJ4 I have to bet fold. 2) 3 limpers she over limp on the CO I raise to 60 in the bb with …
  • I like the idea of raising the turn for value. My concern was even if we only min raise to $200, if villain decided to go with his big draw and 3bet us all in, getting 3-1 are we calling or folding?
  • I don't remember if I have the Ad or not. I haven't been paying attention to that but will certainly try to from now on. I have pretty much the same thought as you On the turn, David. I thought the 8 was a good card for me because I now bet J9 so I …
  • David, If this spot is incredibly close and we only put in 20, why not just fold and wait for a better spot.
  • David, You say in 2008 you had a huge downswing. Can you give some details of the downswing, such as how big, how long, and how you dealt with it? I'm currently in the biggest downswing since I started playing in 2007. I only played two or three ti…
  • I'm not folding because I'm scared to play AQ in a raised pot. I think when we play a hand we need to know what to expect before we play. I would rather call with pocket pairs ,suited connectors etc. to with a big pot when I hit knowing this guy wil…
  • My thinking is similar to Zach. Even if we include AQ and JJ in his range, I think calling is still -EV. He is going to have an over pair a lot of the time and when we flopped top pair we are either beat or not getting anymore value from his range. …