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  • Just listen and watch Bart's videos and podcasts. That will make you much better then reading an outdated book to start with. Play 1/2 when you hit 6000 o 7000 try 2/5.
  • I would bet/fold, bet/fold, check/fold. There is multiple people in pot and that is key here. I was in a similar spot the other day however it was in a tourney early on. I had KQ raised it up got 2 callers. flop came K 10 10 and I bet flop and …
  • The line worked for that hand, but just doesn't seem to make fundamental sense LONG TERM.
  • Also I agree with the other posters that you can't justify saying a player is bad just because he over-bets the pot. I actually think its good to have an over bet available in your arsenal.
  • He may have an AK hand but you already have 2 aces. I think I can let the hand go and live to fight another day/ get a better spot. I don't like you showing the whole table you made a crazy lay-down that 99% of recreation players wouldn't. I just th…
  • His min raise on turn screams strength. But it kinda looks like an information min raise since you guys have history, and the fact that you both JUST check called the flop to the initial small donkey better. I am ok with just calling the min raise …
  • Your logic of thinking that you are going to 5 bet to make him think you just have AK suited is wrong.