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  • Bart are there plans for additional seminars in the near future?
  • reedmylips said A nice set of rules for pre-flop raising would be nice. How's this for a start: 1) narrow the field 2) steal the blinds 3) create initiative (take control of the action) in order to have the option to c-bet on future streets 4) build…
  • To follow up with the point above from ominous cow, one big factor when evaluating players at this level is remembering where their head is at. Did they just take a big beat, will affect their likely reaction to your decision. Are they about to le…
  • Thanks to all for the responses . A great forum is one that lets me know that I have a long way to go, but still lets me believe I can get there. This is a GREAT forum.
  • Thanks for the response. I thought about this hand during the entire drive home. I decided that had I bet the turn and bet more on the river I get him to fold. However, I also decided he probably played the hand poorly as well. I think his move …
  • Sounds lime your ahead of almost all his wide range. I would raise to 250 pf. If we are heads up against this aggressive Opponent id call with the expectation he will bet the flop then raise him. Either way i dont think you can be afraid to get…
  • Crap. The flop was j, 3d, 7d. thanks for catching thaim eager to hear your thoughts.
  • I love this position - when the villain thinks your running over the table and he's going to "teach you a lesson". In this situation with AA, KK, AK I always flat in position. He will 100% bet the flop, feeling he has to keep his man hood. With …
  • Wouldn't a preflop raiser that flops a flush draw bet the flop? Which cards were hearts on the flop is important. I just don't see any draws on the flop (QJ, KQ...or any heart draw) not betting this flop. The only thing I see checking the flop i…
  • I'd really like some information by a realistic trusted source such as this pod cast. What I'm looking for is information on transitioning to a grinding career. - what is a realistic win rate for a solid 2/5, 5,10, 10/20 player - what games are mo…