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  • nofriends333
    why wasnt i invited to the party you held last month? How many people were there? Any hot women ? How was the food?
    February 2018
  • watbri
    hey hey Ms. Hammah , I joined the site on your recommendation

    April 2016
  • JohnTheBomb
    Wendy, I hear you all the time on the call ins and see your so active on these forums. You have given me some hope on my hand reading capabilities and getting better. I loved the call in where you said you used to get beat up by Bart and now call in with such cool hands and real depth. I have certainly taken my game to another level after joining the site but still feel a bit intimidated by the TRUE what seems to be Pros. Less and less of course the more hours I put in and learn as my hourly is about $46hr with over 100hrs tracked now and playing 10-15hrs a week every Wednesday and Friday night. Thanks for the feedback on comfort at the VIC in Elgin,IL and thanks for the input.
    November 2015
  • ChristopherSheffield
    What is a bug draw?
    December 2014
  • luckyspewy
    Hey, I just wanted to reach out and say that I see your presence on the forums, and think you have an incredibly sound approach, and great experience. You also communicate very well, which I'm sure is tremendously helpful. I appreciate the posts, and hope that you benefit as much from the forums as I'm sure people do from your insight.
    October 2014
  • C_818
    So are you saying Vegas isn't a good place to play poker for income? Or are you just stating that Vegas is a rathole because it isn't a good place to live?
    March 2014