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  • DiBangoDiPapaye
    Hi Terp,

    I have been a CLP subscriber for 1 year and half and just wanted to thank you for your job in the CLPPLO Podcast. I am from France and had some success in NLH for 10 years i've been playing. 6 monthes i decided to make the transition to PLO. And I found that your Podcast just suits me so well. I mainly play online in PLO and Live NLHE but 2 monthes ago a local casino added PLO once a week due to my proposition and i'm delighted ! It is as you described in your Podcast money falling from the sky as NLH in 2007. I have like 1 hour and half of car to my job every day so i'm listening every podcast from CLP and i like your mood and explanation. I'm looking for every ways to improve my game.

    Big cheers froml France and keep up the good work man !
    February 2018
  • Oban14
    Hey man. I know this is probably a huge pain. I don't wanna ask you a lot of strategy questions, but I feel super awkward as an old ass man to ask basic common questions about live play. Im just starting out, about 45 hours now and feel I'm over my head in the forums.. theres no place for a moron to ask questions. So anyway I could run a few by you? If not I'm sure your super busy but plan is to go to vegas next June for a month to experience it all and will def grab drinks or dinner.. also if you come back to Chi town I just moved here which gave me the opportunity to play cards. Thanks for taking the time and sorry to bug ya

    Kelly ( dude) lol
    August 2015
    • TerpHimself

      I would be happy to give u some pointers. I'm actually taking to Bart about contributing to the site, as I have some significant radio experience.

      I envy you and your "old guy" look. I'm 31 and look like I might be 18 next week. You're going to absolutely crush once you get the basics of live play down.

      I'd be happy to answer some newb questions, Judgement Free haha. Fire away.

      Ryan (also a dude)
    • TerpHimself
      Hope you got my replay man. Lemme know if I can help in any way.

  • JustRunLikeGod
    Why Are you terp? Last name?
    July 2015
    • TerpHimself
      Yes, last name is Terpstra. People from Maryland like the nickname though