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  • Latrell1515
    Hey Rob..its Darren in Discord and Latrell1515 here on the site..Can you add me to the subs list please...ty
    June 2019
  • socccer4life3
    Hey Rob, long time clp subscriber and love the podcast. You have mentioned numerous times on the podcast that you are an avid golfer. I am coming to Las Vegas memorial day weekend and looking to play a round or two of golf with My dad, do you have any recommendations of courses that won't break the bank and aren't to far out in the boondocks?
    May 2018
    • RobFarha
      Thanks man.

      I like Chimera in Henderson.

      If that's far, I play Rhodes Ranch a bit (crowded but nice), Spanish Trails, Red Rock/Siena up in Summerlin.

      These are all in the 50/60$ range normally but they usually discount in the summer. Also I think I've had my ID checked like twice, so don't be afraid to book local prices. Apologies in advance if this gets you in trouble. Up to you.
    • socccer4life3
      We ended up booking palm valley, we have 3 so if you wanna join as our 4th let me know.
  • AMS97
    Hey Rob, I'm really enjoying the content you're putting out on The Grind. I'm wondering if you can comment on how taxes work as a professional poker player.

    -How did you first handle the process starting out?
    -Did you seek a financial advisor of some sort? Any best practices?
    -Can poker players expect to be taxed as much as someone working a normal job?

    October 2016
  • AJoff
    Hey Rob,

    Do you have any advice on the best time to come to Vegas during the series? I work full time and can only get off for 1-2 weeks. Not sure if it makes a difference, but most of the mid to high stakes games I play are plo or plo8. I would be looking for games in the $2000 buy in level (5/5/T at my home casino)
    May 2016
  • themerk
    Love your podcast. What made you decide moving to Vegas was best for you? You said you lived near FW then lived near Borgata. The Philly/NJ area has a ton of games with excellent action. I'm just curious why Vegas?

    March 2016
    • RobFarha
      I love the life here. Everything is cheap, tons of fun stuff to do, great weather.

      I'm sure the games/my hourly is better in Atlantic City, but I wouldn't want to live in NJ or Philadelphia or certainly not anywhere near Foxwoods.

      I lived in CT, but about as far away as you can be from Foxwoods (about 1.5hrs) so not really practical to continue living there with a 3hr commute.

      Vegas off-strip is completely amazing. I've absolutely loved it for the three years I've been here.