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  • Rizen
    Hello Abe

    My name is Stephen Short and I was the one in the chat who was talking about opening a poker club in Columbus, OH.
    The OH revised code says a person cannot "establish, promote or operate or knowingly engage in conduct that facilitates any game of chance conducted for profit."
    For this reason clubs charge a door fee for its members. The code also doesn't allow any dealers to be paid or tipped by players with cash. For this reason players usually are given the opportunity to purchase chips of a different color that they can give the dealers. The dealers in turn cash those chips in to the house for cash, effectively skirting the " no tipping" rule.
    There were several poker clubs in the city before the casino opened. All of them closed except one once Hollywood launched in 2012. Now the shine has wore off and the neighborhood around the casino is still shitty. Players have been talking about the city needing more places to play.
    November 2014
  • x65Roses
    Limon, im a poker dealer and the poker room im working in is adding the option to run it twice. i just wanted to ask what common rules are with this. say its heads up, one guy is all in, and they now have the run it twice option. pretending its me and you, and i say hey limon do you want to run it twice? and you of course ask me what i have. if i lie to you and that gets you to say yeah lets run it twice, is that breaking any rules? i assume its considered bad etiquette? are they still required to run it twice or can they change their minds?
    September 2014
  • Money
    Hey Abe,

    I have decided to go to Commerce, and this will be my first time there, so pretty excited.Any suggestions on getting a deal at the hotel there? I would think they might have a poker discount.
    July 2014
  • me chung cone
    Love your show! Can u talk a little more in depth about your losing years. Did it get to the point where it was affecting your home life? Do you recommend playing through it? Granted that you are playing well and not spewing your money off. How do feel about the theory that we give as many bad beats as we get? How does variance come full circle when we takes beats from players that if cards where reversed we would of had sense to fold.
    June 2014
  • TennetT
    Keep them coming!

    Did you imply Tom Dwan was cheating? Or was it more of a declaration. I don't agree with all of it but I do agree that you are a skilled oralist...Orator..I mean speaker. Sometimes I hate you sometimes I love you. However I'm always entertained.

    Great stuff,
    June 2014
  • TennetT
    Jesus has no control or influence over you unless you choose to believe. It is clearly stated that you are on your own, free will, if you choose to not believe or believe. Like most religions you are on you own what you do after that. Messed up people (men) have made all the bad in the world, usually under the flag of some god, ideology or institution focused on... Men are greedy and will kill and cause war using whatever excuse they can find. If you look at it logically you might find that there is a set of rules given in any religion. If you choose to follow the rules you are a believer or a part of the religion. This is also true for large institution, theories of thought like, Freudian, capatalism, materialism, conservative beliefs or liberal, whatever it is you follow the ideology you belong. If you break or move against the ideology you are no longer part of said system of belief. Whatever you think most about (using your thought energy), is most likely your god. BA•=GWB
    June 2014
  • Money
    Hey Abe, What part of PR are you going to? I have been there a few times, I love it there.
    June 2014
  • DonkieRon
    What do you know about a skilled dealer being able to deal coolers without being detected. My friend believes that card mechanic shit is BS. Your opinion?
    May 2014
  • AbeLimon changed his profile picture.
    February 2014