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  • nostrangernow
    Hi Ki,
    I have a question regarding your thought process during the last hand from "To GTO Or Not GTO".

    I'm a noob so forgive me if this question is completely rudimentary.

    Besides for your reads and what you can infer from the large sample of playing with this opponent, did you factor in the probability that he could show up on the river with 88 or 99? You said you could discount under pairs since they wouldn't bet, but wouldn't one want to bet to avoid an opponent realizing his equity with broadways or similar? Like you said, I'm guessing villian would check for pot control, but is there any merit in betting with a middling pair on the turn, and hoping it goes check/check at showdown?

    Thank you for the videos, and producing such great content! Best to you and your family during these rough times.
    April 2020
  • Illegible
    Hi KiLee,

    Hoping to become a big shark one day, studying your fast track videos. I'm stuck on one thing which is in the FTP No. 5 video to 3-bet or to flat video, I don't feel like there are any parts of any range you are using to flat. Except in certain situations like opener is TAG or you have middling to low pps. Otherwise it sounds like the vast majority of the time you are 3-betting. Is this true? Did I miss something?

    August 2019
    • KiLee
      Hi @Illegible, In the video, I did point out a continuing range vs an open, and which parts to 3bet. the rest of the hands in the continuing range is flatted. However, I also made some updates to the PF strategy which is more relevant in today's games. You can find it in Preflop 2.0 also in the Fast Track Poker. Check it out. I have more comprehensive 3B and flatting ranges there/
  • JredA
    Hi Ki,

    I am really finding your fast track videos helpful, thank you for taking the time to create them.

    I also use Poker Cruncher to help w/ study and range development and I was curious how you were able to color code your ranges when dividing up your continuing range? I cannot find a tutorial or information on how to do so anywhere.

    For example, in the 2.0 series, how did you color code the 3bet strong hands yellow and 3bet at some frequency hands orange?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    April 2019
    • KiLee
      @JredA, You can change the color by either assigning % of certain hands or manually selecting the suits of the hand. When you assign X% of the combo (only available on the pro version on desktop or ipad) the square turns orange. When you select on the individual suits manually, they turn green. You can also select/unselect view combo weights and view hand combo counts to get those numbers off from the square.
    • JredA
      Thanks Ki!
  • wbaby
    Hi Ki,

    Quick question, in your fast track video you have AQ off in your polarized 3-bet range against MP1.

    My interpretation for polarized 3-bets in late position against mid position is to raise with our best and worst hands. 3-betting with 65/A5 suited makes sense to balance out as the bottom of ranges we play but why did you include AQ off in your range?

    Is it for value or is it because AQ off is part of the bottom of the range?

    I ask this because I feel AQ off has decent post flop playability and we have position advantage so I like calling with AQ off and choose AJ/KQ off as the bottom of my range to 3-bet in cutoff/button against a mid position raise.

    Looking forward to your response. :D


    November 2018
    • KiLee
      @Wbaby sorry for the late response. For some reason this slipped through the cracks. If you look at preflop 2.0 it is almost all linear 3betting. And in the polar 3betting model, AQo was more towards the top of the range
  • DiBangoDiPapaye
    Hi Ki !

    First I want to thank you for your fast track series, and your videos in general. Very clear, i love it !
    I am watching most of your videos, you have a TAG style that is similar to mine (i'm not as succesful as you ;) )
    I have a request, i saw in most of your videos you are using ranges for every position (open, 3Bet , etc ... )
    I have tried to write it from the fast track series while pausing in the videos but i miss most positions.
    I would appreciate so much if you could share theses ranges with me.

    Thank you by advance if you have time for me !


    July 2018
    • KiLee
  • trnnflt
    enjoy your fast track videos.
    February 2018
    • KiLee
      Thank you so much! Glad that you are finding them helpful!