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Crush Live Call-ins No 118: "I would Call"

Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,129Administrator, LeadPro
This week Bart deals with some spots where the callers lose the hands or fold but Bart thinks that a call is correct demonstrating Galfond buck vs Sklansky bucks.



  • TerpHimselfTerpHimself Posts: 330Subscriber
    Want to comment on the 77 hand on the K979 board. I know Bart advocated a call, but given villain description (TAG, nitty), I think this is actually a fold in a live setting.

    V had about $500 to start the hand IIRC, calls a raise pre, and decides to raise the flop after a bet and two calls. Hand ranges for that action include AK, all two pairs, and sets on a rainbow board. Then when he ships the turn, the only hand left that 77 beats is AK. But in my experience, nitty villains don't always ship with that hand, so remove about half the combos. Just seems too weighted towards a boat.
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