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KK palyed badly or not?

V is asian unknown he is only been at the table 5 minutes his stack is 500 I cover him he opens MP 1 $25 l 3bet to $60 with KsKc V called the pot is $125 the flop is As3sAh V checks and I bet $75 V called pot is $275 the turn is Jc V checked and I check it back the river is 7d and V bet $125 and I called Thinking that the villain could have QQ,TT, or bust spades V had AK with the pot $300 and $125 to call in a lot of spots I find a fold but I had no reads on the V I would love to hear the thoughts on this one thanks .



  • HeyWayneHeyWayne Posts: 20Subscriber
    IMO it's fine. We can check flip here some of the time to allow V to catch up but as played it's fine IMO.
  • GonzoPokerGonzoPoker Posts: 38Subscriber
    Thank you for the response .
  • A_AA_A Posts: 30Member
    it would not have changed results - or maybe you would have lost more but I think consider 3b larger since we are trying to build a pot.
  • iamalliniamallin Posts: 1,173Subscriber, Professional
    I think if you are going to check one street, I would prefer to check the flop.

    It gives him a chance to bluff/value bet worse hands sometimes on the turn.

    I would also 3 bet bigger pre. 75-90.

    Bet flop and bet turn small is also a valid line, although a bit thin.

    As a general value betting strategy, I think we are better off going for flop and turn bets OR turn and river bets with a flop check.

  • IAM_RedeemedIAM_Redeemed Posts: 46Subscriber
    I would def 3b a little bigger. With eff stack of 500, we can make it about 70. Then with a flop of AxA and a pot of 145, I would cbet around 60, then go for a small turn bet too. I like this sizing with my whole range. When we bet smaller, we can bet thinner, as we keep his calling range wider. Betting small, doesn't mean we don't have an ace, as I would bet this sizing with AK also, but go for three streets instead of two. I've been implementing this sizing on paired boards with a lot of success in the 2/5 games I play regularly in Vegas.
  • IAM_RedeemedIAM_Redeemed Posts: 46Subscriber
    As played by you, I would fold river, as he's never bluffing here, nor value betting worse ever IMO.
  • pokertimepokertime Posts: 2,194Subscriber
    I like $75 PF and flop check. What worse hand is really calling a flop bet? QQ maybe TT not so much and he has pretty limited FD after he calls 3! PF. The AsKs is out. So he's really A heavy when he calls. I also don't think he's turning his hand into a bluff that often OTR. His bet is less than half pot. An A is in your range and if not you should have a big pair so he should be happy to show down and be good with worse pairs. Check call check lead small is someone dying for you to bet his hand for him but doesn't want you to get away on the river.
  • JacklambJacklamb Posts: 561Subscriber
    edited January 2017
    Fine. I'd bet the flop smaller though to keep in pocket pairs. $60 or $50 or even less with these stacks. You're either way ahead or way behind so I'd rather let weak hands stay in.
  • GonzoPokerGonzoPoker Posts: 38Subscriber
    Thanks for all the advice and I think I should've 3bet bigger and check flop and reevaluate the turn but as played I should have been able to fold the river V has to be
    Ax heavy .
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