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Think I may have chewed this hand up a little. Especially river.

ShawnCrichleyShawnCrichley Posts: 11Member
On button at 1/2 game. Folds to highjack who is a young punk looking kid who seems like he kind of knows what's going on, but is learning from a 2-5 semi-pro type buddy beside him. Don't have too much info as I've only played ~2 rounds with him. HJ playing $210. I cover.

Pre: HJ opens to $7. I call with button AdJs. SB folds. BB calls $7. BB starts hand with $55. BB is 30ish hip hop guy, loose calling station fish.

Flop: (Pot $18 after rake, BTW rake is killer 10% up to $6 +$1) Jd Jh 4d BB checks to me, HJ checks, I bet $15. Call, call.

Turn: (Pot $59) 5d both check to me. I bet $25. BB check raises to $48 total. HJ calls. I call. I'm not allowed to raise.

River: (Pot $203) 9c checks to me. I CHECK.

I think pre-flop and flop are OK, but did I miss value especially on the river? I realize the turn bet is a little small, but I was thinking the pot was about $50. The BB was really bad and short, so I was focused on the HJ. Thought I had the BB beat as he was calling flops with any piece. Tough to figure out what the HJ would check call the flop with., then call a check raise from the shorty on the turn when the 3rd diamond came. I expected he had a middling pair on the flop, maybe 10d10x or something after he called the turn. Expected him to Cbet flop with a flush draw. Was pretty confused on the river and was not sure what I could get value from, so I checked river. Correct?

My instincts told me I left value out there on the river versus the HJ.

BB had Qd8d for the win. HJ shows 6d3d for an underflush. Moved HJ into the mental fish file after the way he played that. His buddy was busting his balls for checking the river. I would have paid off river bet against HJ.


  • ChristopherSigmanChristopherSigman Posts: 1,147Subscriber
    Well, as for leaving value on the river, I would have shoved the river, thinking that if HJ had a flush with that action, he most certainly would have ripped it in, not wanting it to get checked through.

    Having said that, if HJ is raising preflop with 63 suited, you're in a great game! I wouldn't leave for any reason, and I would pound him for value on all streets with position! Preflop with AJ now becomes a 3-bet against HJ, etc. Punish him for playing trash hands. I'd bet he is also the type to call with any piece.

    As for the turn, I thought you could re-raise as long as the all-in bet was more than half the original bet, but do I have that wrong? Please clarify - thanks!
  • In LA the raise needs to be 100% to open the betting back up.

    I think if HJ bets river it is a clear cut fold. I would have bet the river when checked to my self thinking that the most common hand that the HJ has is a kind of weirdish played overpair like AA-QQ. Some time guys will just check half scared of trips half to try to play it tricky.

  • ShawnCrichleyShawnCrichley Posts: 11Member
    Thanks for all your help. Should have bet river when checked to and folded to a river bet from the HJ.
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