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Why you should play online

stayinschoolstayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
Making this thread because over many posts I've recommended to a lot of people why I think playing online is very good for you game. Decided to just make a thread on the topic and list out the reasons how online has helped my game and why I think everyone should play some amount of online poker.

1 - To lock down a good fundamental strategy - Live poker is all about exploiting your opponents because people in live poker people generally make a lot of mistakes and the best way to make money in live poker is attacking those mistakes. However, I think this often results in a flaw in how live players approach the game. I think a lot of live players just sit down at a table and look at each individual hand and just think "Ok i'm in this hand i'm gonna figure out what to do in this specific hand." While this in generally ok and many live players do this well I do think it is a bit of a flaw. Rather than trying and come up with a solution for each specific hand, I think it is much better to have a solution, or at least a strategy for the game of poker overall and adjust that to each individual hand. I think of it as just a jumping off point that doesn't really prevent you from playing a max exploitable strategy but stops you from making the occasional really bad mistake when you come up with a solution for a hand that is very off base. This type of strategy is much easier to build playing online simply because of the fact that you can play 10x or 20x the hands pre hour that you can live.

2 - Dealing with downswings - The first time I started playing for big money, (At least for a 19 year old) was live and that is when I had my first bad downswing of 3500 at 2/5. I remember at the time that felt massive at the time but in actuality it was only 7 buy-in. Since I've moved to online I have been through many 10-20 buy-in downswings. While these are not fun they are a good learning experience and really put things into perspective live where downswings are much smaller.

3 - Online poker will be back - Eventually, and hopefully sooner than we thought, online poker will be back in the U.S. This will obviously be a huge opportunity to win a lot of money and you should be ready for it. And while a lot of the people on this site are very smart and crush live poker their online skills might be a little rusty. The game does play different and if you don't put in some time now you will be behind the curve when the second "poker boom" hits. Yea you will probably still crush the fish but you will also get crushed by all the online regs in Europe that have been grinding Stars for the past 5 years.

4 - It will improve your exploitative play vs regs - It is no secret that there are far fewer fish online than live. This means that you can't relay only on fish to make money if you want to do well. The best online players not only beat up on the fish but the bad regs as well. While most live players are great at exploiting fish, maybe even better than online players, they do give up some money vs regs that they could also be exploiting. IMO nowhere teaches this best than online because you have to learn it to make it online. Live you can make 8bb/hr mostly just staying away from the regs and just max exploiting the fish, however finding out how to beat the regs too can add those few extra BB/hr to your win rate.

I'm not saying every live player should start putting in 20 hours a week online, however, I don't see a real augment against putting $500 on bovada or ACR to play some small stakes a few hours a week. I think it will do so much for your game and is so easy. You really couldn't ask for a better way to improve your game. You get to play against better players, at stakes so small they don't really matter for most live players and you get to play 10x the hands you normally would. I can't think of a better model to improve your game.

Obviously some people just hate online and I understand that. But I do think everyone should at least give it a try, I think it is a great investment in your game.

Hope others share their thoughts on here. Sure I will think of other reasons why you should play online and will post them when I think of them.
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  • BananaStandBananaStand Posts: 1,455Troll
    I don't totally disagree, but would warn against falling into a rabbit hole.

    There are some stark differences between online and live play, and if you don't understand how to differentiate, then you could just be developing habits that cost you money in a live game.

    For example if you cbet and get raised on a very dry board online, you can often continue pretty wide. In a live game, you need to fold a lot more in that spot.
  • stayinschoolstayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
    Obviously, nothing I said implied that you shouldn't adjust to the different opponents in different games. If you pick up bad habits and don't know how to adjust to playing different opponents then that seems more like a flaw with your play. If anything online helps you to learn how to adjust to different opponents. IMO that comparison is like saying you should never play 1/2 if you want to eventually play 5/10 because the game plays very different and you will pick up bad habits.
  • BananaStandBananaStand Posts: 1,455Troll
    I don't think anyone would recommend bouncing between 1/2 and 5/10 as a way to learn and improve. Climbing stakes is a process. What your advocating is playing two different games virtually simultaneously. So the comparison isn't apt.

    I'm not saying it's advocating bad idea. Just pointing out the pitfalls
  • stayinschoolstayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
    I mean if you will really pick up that many bad habits then sure don't do it but if that is the case you have a lot of stuff to work on before you think about moving up in poker.

    I understand they play very different but they are the same game at heart. The fundamentals in live poker and online are still the same. You just often have to stray farther from the fundamentals live to reach max exploit strategy. However, even though you are often playing far from fundamental, balanced poker knowing that can only improve your game and give you a much better overall grasp of poker.
  • BananaStandBananaStand Posts: 1,455Troll
    I wanna make it clear that all I did was make a simple comment about some potential pitfalls of cross playing different games. I'm happy to discuss this in depth and respond back and forth. But I want everyone to note here that @stayinschool is the one nitpicking my responses and keeping the debate going. I better not get any bullshit for being combative.

    I'll just simply point out that someone here believes that opening T8suited from UTG is a good play live and online. That's not true and the numbers have proven it.

    Someone here talks about "balance" when analyzing live hands way more than would be appropriate for a live game.

    And someone here believes that live games play deeper than online games, which is categorically false.

    So I think it's entirely possible that playing online can be detrimental to your live game unless you can differentiate and approach them as fundamentally different games
  • stayinschoolstayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
    I'm the one nitpicking responses when you just drag up ever other past stupid argument we have had in some weak attack to discredit me. None of the things you said are proven to be right are, in fact i feel most of the threads were moving more towards a conclusion that you were wrong. How does any of that have any relevance to towards this debate about online?

  • BananaStandBananaStand Posts: 1,455Troll
    Why so combative?
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,577Subscriber
    Banana, yes there are differences but you are way off on the value of online play. Online is a huge tool to improve your game. As long as you play the same game type that live uses you gain a lot of experience quicker than live. I play full ring exclusively so it matches live play. I can play short handed, I can play heads up. But the factors there are different than full ring.

    Even though online can be different than live you can say the same thing about different casinos and locations of LIVE PLAY. I lived in San Fran and each of the casinos clearly had slightly different games. Now I am in Florida and the games here are very different than the west coast games for various reasons and within each casino play slightly different. I would actually say more different than the online site I play at. It is taking me time to adjust to the games on the East Coast.

    Online if you just play 4 tables you are playing 8 hours of live poker for every 1 hour you play. So just playing 1 hour a day for 5 days 4 tabling = 40 hours if you went to the casino.

    And it's GOOD the games are different. It makes you realize and think about all the different styles of play. It makes you critically think. Ask why this works here and not there.

    I wouldn't be where I am at now if I didn't play online and live. I have played way more hands online than live. It really helps develop the fundamentals.

    Stay out of Bovada. It's my site. MINE!
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