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River Pain

jeffreyneumanjeffreyneuman Posts: 19Member
Here was a tough hand from last night , open for any suggestions on how I could of or should of player it differently . UTG limps , MP limps , very TAG regular raises to 70 on BTN , he has about 250BB , I have him covered and have KsKc in SB and raise 155 to 225 , first two players fold , he thinks and calls . Flop , 9c5c4s , pot 480 , I lead for 300 he thinks and calls . We are still pretty deep here , turn 4c , pot is about 1k , bet 550 he thinks for about one minute and calls . My read is he has a made hand here , while it's very possible he would float the flop with AK or AQ do not think he would call the turn bet with out a made hand . His most likely holdings in my opinion are JJ+ . River Qd , at this point I felt that Q could have hit his range as QQ is definitely a large part , I check , villain thinks for about minute and shoves , it's 1550 to call , not sure what I am beating here , if I have KK , his most likely value shoving range is AA & QQ , can't see this TAG reg getting to the river with AQ or AK , shoving JJ or tens would be turning his decent show down hand into a bluff . Agonize over this one but eventually give it up . Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated .....


  • ChristopherSigmanChristopherSigman Posts: 1,147Subscriber
    I think a check with the intention of folding is fine. I don't think villain is bluffing very often, as your hand looks strong and you don't look like you're going to fold all that often. Would it have been an easier fold if instead you bet/fold the river, rather than check/fold? Say, $650 on the river to get looked up by TT or JJ, or possibly AQ with the A of clubs?
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    Have you seen villain call a threebet w AQ? is his river betting polarized, ie he would check hands that have lots of thin value? If these are true then a check fold is fine. that said with stack this deep I still think its better to bet fold. if player can thin value bet or make moves on the river then Betting is so much better

  • If you think you can get value from JJ or TT because you look polarized then I'd bet but otherwise seems like a check fold to me.

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