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CLP Video No.147: Bet Folding, Raise Folding and Board Textures II

Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,147Administrator, LeadPro
edited July 2014 in Crush Live Poker Videos
This week Bart gets into some more deep analysis of bet and raise fold spots. This is the first episode where captions are introduced. Episode posts at 2:00PM ET.



  • ScubaTWScubaTW Posts: 1Member
    New member here but after watching a few videos, I can say I am definitely a fan of the captions.

    Great site Bart! I have already recognized some leeks in my game from watching your videos.
  • hoodstarhoodstar Posts: 68Subscriber
    Didn't David Tuchman go over all these hands in the crushing 2:5 game series?
  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,147Administrator, LeadPro
    Yes--He did. And no this was not intentional. Apparently there was a little bit of miscommunication with date of the material that he used and I ended up reviewing hands from the same night. Anyway both episodes are strong, they are not all the same hands and I think that it adds another element to watch how David and I might think differently about the same situation.

  • kristouffekristouffe Posts: 54Subscriber
    Yes, captions are the nuts.
    Bart, your hand writing is awful, almost as bad as mine.
    I didn't care watch those hands again. David insist on some basic stuff (don't raise Th6h pre, don't bluff a guy with a nice shirt if he has top pair) and is less polite with players mistakes than bart who is a nice guy :)
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