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Did I get myself pot stuck???

TaintBDTaintBD Posts: 244Subscriber
2/5 button straddle
I overlimp one guy with JThh from UTG 2
He's loose-passive with a known tendency to bluff and he's tilting from several River suckouts this session
Two more callers
Button makes it 50
We all call
250 to the flop
UTG has $210
I have 1K
Old guy to my left has $425
He's extremely passive and sticky with known tendency to overplay what he thinks is the nuts despite obvious draws that got there
Button $165 unknown but has played extremely wide over past hour
Flop Jd9d8s
UTG checks
I make it $200
Old guy calls
Button calls off his remaining $165
UTG then tanks and shoves his $210
Now $910 in main pot, $135 in side pot
Turn is another 8c
Now what?? Can I really still have the best hand? Is betting just wasting $200 or should I avoid giving old guy a free card?
[/I now shove to force old guy all in with remaining $200. He has J9 and wins it all. UTG has ATo???!!! Button mucked.]


  • pokertimepokertime Posts: 2,194Subscriber
    I probably just check call. He may give you a free card which is what you need! Given the action and the size of the pot your going to river no matter what just because you have outs and you are pretty much getting odds for and OESD. It's possible old guy even lets you check the river down as he's not folding but he may not love his hand enough to bet. Nice hand don't worry about it.
  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,113Administrator, LeadPro
    You called $45 more preflop OOP with J T from a button raise with a $215 stack? That's is the most glaring problem with this hand. You are no where near deep enough to call preflop. My cutoff point here would be more than $1000 effective. If I am doing the math correct seems like the old guy has $225 left. Do you think he would call $45 more starting with $425 with QJ, KJ AJ? I think you'll find that you still have the best hand here a lot. I would just ship it in.
    Thanked by 1TaintBD
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,060Subscriber
    Yeah, preflop is bad, and that is what got you pot stuck. The PFR is way too short to call that big of a raise with TJs.

    I also am not a fan of the flop donk. With the stack sizes what they are, you're basically saying that you're going with the hand, which I'm not sure you want to do. Check/evaluate.

    What was your reason for betting that flop? And that sizing?
  • TaintBDTaintBD Posts: 244Subscriber
    Agreed -- stack sizes too short to profitably call the button straddle raise.
    As played, I donk bet because I feel I'm ahead of UTG and straddler so I want to force them all in with their draws
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