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two tough hands from big winning session....hand no. 1 AK turn 2 pr

I had a big session last night but feel I made improper folds in two spots that cost me two huge pots. The first is the tougher of the two IMO. I'm up over 1200 in a 3/5 game that is very loose and splashy but I have the tightest winning image at the table.

BTN (~700) has loosened up a bunch after playing pretty tight post flop. In position he is much more aggressive and I've seen him re raise big on the Mississippi straddle with KJo and QJs bloating huge pots. I've also seen him make poor folds with medium strength hands like 88/99 to short reshoves. He seems to be looser at this point of the night.

BB (~500) is splashy loose rec player, can have a wide range and will overplay hands.

I raise utg to 20 with A K, MP 2 calls, CO calls, BTN calls, SB calls, BB calls
FLOP (120) K T 6 :s: SB checks, BB donks for 45, HERO raises to 155, MP2 folds, CO folds, BTN snap calls, SB folds, BB folds.
TURN (475) A HERO checks, BTN bets 155..........

I tend to give my opponents too much credit in these spots but he has just about 350 back after this bet....I know he is playing rather loosely of late but can he be betting a worse hand enough here and/or is taking the initiative now that I've shown weakness?

thoughts as to bet folding, check calling or check folding here?...also how is my size on the flop raise?


  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    if these guys are this loose had you thought about raising bigger pre?

    I would keep raising bigger until they wouldnt call if they are that loose

    on the flop I think your raise is too big. sure his lead is small very indicative of a draw but it can also be a king too. I think a raise to like $125 will still get called by the draws but also can get worse made hands to call as well

    given villains flop lead. did he snap call your raise? if so then almost 100% hes on a draw. flush being the obvious one.

    his turn bet is actually really small. so now its just a math equation. if hes likely to have a flush then you have 4 outs to win and maybe ten to get a free showdown. 4/44 is 1:11 . you dont have odds. but if villain will check a paired board then all you need for a free showdown is to call cuz since you are getting pretty close to the correct odds 185. +475 is pretty juicy.

    throw in you might have the best hand and I would call if this guy cant bet thinly.
    Thanked by 1StarwarsJediMaster
  • hectorjellyhectorjelly Posts: 47Subscriber
    Easy call, its a very small bet, he can be betting worse (AQ with the Q of clubs, any two pair) and even when behind you have 4 outs.
  • drew5harkdrew5hark Posts: 580Subscriber
    How many villains bet Aq/AJ w a club? That's the only thing I beat imo
  • workinghardworkinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    I think I like betting out with the intention of folding to a raise. or else calling turn and check folding river. Once you call turn, it's going to be hard for Btn to bet river again if he doesn't have you beat.
  • workinghardworkinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    That said, i don't think it's a bad fold. But his bet sizing of 155 again either means he's a bit scared but feels the need to protect a hand like KT or he feels he has a lock on the hand. kind of a live read situation.
    Thanked by 1drew5hark
  • drew5harkdrew5hark Posts: 580Subscriber
    For me it was the whole leverage situation knowing that I may have to face a river bet to find out if he is overplaying. The small sizing and pace of his bet made me think he wasn't super strong and I don't think he out flopped me or he would have reraised when I bumped it up. His bet gives me proper odds to fill up if I have a set but I'm not giving him credit for knowing that.
  • marseillemarseille Posts: 400Subscriber
    Probably a good fold but if V tends to be spazzy/ inconsistent that might push me to call and reevaluate. Nothing wrong with that assuming you have a skill advantage. See what happens on river and make the best decision.
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