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TPTK facing heat

I have questions on multiple streets in this hand, so will post in pieces.

2/5 NL 1000 effective.

Main villain in this hand is a younger guy (mid 20s). He seems fairly aggressive and a capable hand reader. He tends to take initiative in a hand, but has shown some restraint when meeting resistance. Seems aware of position and tends to give himself initiative in a hand

Hero should have a fairly solid image, but has been opening more than the table average and firing c-bets fairly regularly.

10 handed. Most stacks are deep.

Pre-flop. Hero opens MP1 with AdJc. villain calls from MP3. One caller from late position and another from the blinds.

Flop (80). Jd8c2d Hero c-bets 45. Villain raises to 125. Folds to hero.

I don't like any of my options.

Folding - I think villain is capable of raising this with hands I beat, although since there are two more players behind, I think it's more likely to be a semi-bluff than pure air. I c-bet a little small since the board didn't seem too wet and it seemed there weren't many hands that could call. Villain may have perceived the bet size as weak and decided to raise with some flush draws or combo draws as well as sets. So I don't like folding.

Re-raising - While I think I can get value from some draws, I am not excited to get stacks in with just TPTK and a 9:1 SPR

Calling - Calling seems like the best option, since it's not clear we're behind and it costs 80 to win 250. However, it's hard for my hand to improve and there are a lot of potentially scary turn cards. If the turn is any diamond, Q or 7, it's going to be hard to stand up to future aggression.


  • AKtionAKtion Posts: 15Member
    Well I might sound like a total nit but with deep stacks I'm probably limping AJo in MP1. If someone 3bets in whatever position you have to fold.If you open there is a big chance you'll have a multiway pot in which your likely to fold if you don't hit or cbet OOP against multiple Opponents. Tbh the only flops your comfortable are the ones you hit top2 or better.From my experience your just burning money if you call here, your drawing slim vs sets and there are less than 5 card that can come and make you feel comfortable with your hand. Reraising is suicide since your always get it in bad vs a range of monster draws,QQ and sets.
    I'd fold 99/100 unless vil is a total lunatic that can get it in 200bb with a hand like JK.
  • whofoxwhofox Posts: 25Subscriber
    In the games I play folding is way too tight, especially against a thinking player. I'd call and evaluate but be prepared to face more heat on pretty much any turn. I wouldn't ignore the backdoor nut flush draw as that gives you a lot of outs to call on the turn, any A, any J, and diamond and your hand gets a lot better.
  • TJTJ Posts: 239Subscriber
    Tough spot. Of all the options, I like calling the best. I agree that folding is a little too nitty, and reraising is ridiculous. One thing to note, (which you did) is that he raised with people behind him, which would generally indicate a pretty strong hand or draw.

    I think call and evaluate turn.
  • TDFTDF Posts: 1,130Subscriber
    TheClubber said
    Villain may have perceived the bet size as weak and decided to raise with some flush draws or combo draws as well as sets.
    What's your equity against this range?
  • Fold. Calling here is fairly high variance. There are not a lot of good turn cards for you and it is unlikely villain is going to stop betting. I tend to just give someone credit when they are raising multiway and I don't think it is a leak at all. You also have the Ad so villain can't have the nut flush draw. You're just behind so often here.
  • TDF said
    What's your equity against this range?
    If his range is only sets and flush and open ended straight draws, my equity is somewhere around 38%,


    But if his range contains some top pair hands, then my equity can increase to as much as 55%

  • I eventually called since I thought villain was aggressive enough to have draws in his range. I didn't want to play a huge pot out of position, but I felt my hand was too strong to fold. The turn brought the 5h. At this point the pot is 340 and we have about 850 behind. Is it better to continue to play this as a bluff catcher, or to lead out to charge the draws?
  • TDFTDF Posts: 1,130Subscriber
    So your equity OTF is not so great. You never have him crushed. Plus you're out of position. Now it's up to skills difference. If you think you're so much better then him that you can overcome positional disadvantage and not great equity you can continue but folding is not a bad option. If you choose to not fold you need to have a plan for the rest of the hand. It's pretty tough to play guessing game on turn and river being OOP if your opponent can barrel his draws. Good question to ask would be how he reacts with draws if you 3bet him? You actually don't mind him folding draws to your 3bet. If he calls with draws then b/f turn and check/evaluate river. If he's good enough to 4bet draws then I would just fold to his raise.
    I never call flop raise to lead turn. I think 3betting flop is better.
  • whatsyourplay?whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    Ther's a very similar thread on the first page at the moment, where hero has a one pair hand and gets raised on a two tone board.
    In both threads, some guys are advocating to 3bet the flop, but I don't like this idea at all. I think you can only call to check-evaluate the turn, or directly fold on the flop (if villain is not raising draws in this spot).
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