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Adjusting to tourney morons

UntreatableFPSUntreatableFPS Posts: 1,004Subscriber
In light of WSOP prep, I thought I would post a few hands against tournament morons

Hand #1 (mainly for shits and giggles)
150/100 no ante level ~25k stacks
Moron #1 raises to 300 in MP
Moron #2 calls 300
Hero raises to 1200 with AA in SB
Both morons call

7d 6d 4d flop (1300)
Hero checks
Moron #1 bets 500
Moron #2 ships 24k into 1800
Of course I fold
Moron #1 tank calls

Turn A, and river brick

Moron #2 has 74o
Moron #1 has A8o with 8d

Moron #2 scoops
So moron #2 shipped for over 10 times the pot on a monotone board with top and bottom pair when he should never get action from worse. But he and moron #1 were made for each other when #1 decided to call with a gutshot straight flush draw because he "had a straight flush draw"
If I were also a moron and couldn't fold aces, I would have won the pot with a set of aces lol

Hand #2
100/200 no ante level
Decent capable of being aggro guy limps UTG
Moron overlaps
I make it 675 with QcQs
Both call

366 rainbow flop
I bet 800
Checked to me and I bet 800
UTG guy makes it 2500
Moron calls 2500
I fold (was going to call this guy down if moron didn't call in between, but I didn't know this guy was a moron at the time and his flat call here looks super strong)
Turn and river brick out and get checked down
UTG was making a play, and moron had 34

Hand #3

75/150 level ~20k effective
I make it 375 from CO with A9o
Moron #1 3bets me to 800 from button
Moron #2 cold calls from SB
I fold

6 3 2 rainbow
Moron #2 checks
Moron #1 bets 2000
Moron #2 makes it 5000
Moron #1 calls
Turn 2 check check
River 2
Moron #1 checks moron #2 ships all in and moron #1 calls
Moron #1 says "6"
Moron #2 shows 99

So apparently this guy does 3bet light. But is he betting the river as a bluff or for value? And wtf is moron #2 doing with the C/R with 99 against a 3bettor's range?

Hand #4
150/300/25 level
Moron #1 limps in MP
I make it 850 with ATo OTB
Moron #2 calls in SB

Ac Jc 9c
Moron #2 bets 1200
Moron #1 calls
I fold because it's quite a textured flop, and I have a crappy kicker
Turn and river get checked through
Moron #2 has A7o and moron #1 has 44

Lesson learned here:
The flop obviously wouldn't be a good call if it were a regular 2/5 NL game. But knowing how light some of these idiots call down in tournaments, I might have to call one time on the flop in these spots.


  • TJTJ Posts: 239Subscriber
    That's insane. I want to play in those tourneys!

    The trouble with morons is that sometimes you just have to fold, even when you should have the best hand, because it's a tourney. If only we could get all the morons to one time a big tourney, and then have them come dump their money in the cash game.
  • jmcjmc Posts: 58Member
    What buy-in level is this?

    Also, you probably need to hang around playing 1/2NL a bit to see all the weird crap people do. The donk-lead w/ A7o on the AJx mono board would seem pretty standard "bet to see where I'm at".

    Hand 4: I imagine you're getting amazing implied odds if you fill up. I don't think anyone in a tournament folds a flopped flush ever.
  • UntreatableFPSUntreatableFPS Posts: 1,004Subscriber
    These are all from those $560 they have as event #1 of every tournament series at Borgata with thousands of people. But I feel like the large pool $1k tournaments are equally unskillful from experience.

    I fold the best hand pretty frequently in tournaments to avoid the variance, which is important when you can't reload and you lose a lot of your tools when you're short.

    How would I fill up in hand 4? I have one pair with a crappy kicker and no redraw. It's probably still a fold if I had the Tc because that's not high enough of a club for me to count as a real redraw.

    I guess I have almost zero 1/2 experience, so I haven't seen as much weird crap. I played it casually a few times, but when I started playing regularly it was mainly 2/5
  • JerseyJayJerseyJay Posts: 181Subscriber
    Very funny post. I recently came to the conclusion that there are a ton of 1-2 players at low stakes tourneys. I have have sat more than once where the player next to me has openly admitted that they are playing in their first tournament. Its actually weird, and easy to level yourself. Beware. The first thing i do is try to figure out exactly this. Who are the "morons" (lol) and who are at least poker players, and then are there any tournament grinders at the table. All are quite different creatures.
  • jmcjmc Posts: 58Member
    Oh, I totally misread the hand. thought you had AJ and wondered why anyone would fold 2pair to a donk bet.
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