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betting straight-flush draws in big multi-way pots (2/5 100bb cap)

marseillemarseille Posts: 400Subscriber
This hand came up yesterday and made me wonder about optimal line for combo-draws in big (6+) multiway pots.

The table is fairly loose/passive preflop, lots of limpers, station-y postflop. Because of this, I've been limping a bit more oop with small pairs and connectors. Other than general table dynamics, not really familiar with any of the players. I might have a bit of laggy image, after making some big turn bets on button after checked down into bloated multiway pots. Hero (850) covers both v1 and v2.

Dealt 7h8h in mp in front of v1 (utg) and v2 (utg+2), who both limp, I limp, mp+2 raises to 20, b, bb, ep and ep+2 all call, I call. Flop comes 9h10h2c (120). Checked to me, I bet 80, mp+2 folds, b folds, bb folds, v1 and v2 both call. Turn board is 9h10h2cJs (360). Checked to me, I bet 200, v1 calls (has about 160 left), v2 shoves (about 200). River is 4 non-heart. v1 check-folds river, v2 turns over KQoff for nut straight.

Of course I am happy KQ calls flop, turn is just a cooler (one of many lately). My question is whether the possibility of both straight and flush being dominated in 6+ person pot should be a consideration in betting. I've got dummy end of straight and 8 high flush draw. Do # of players, relative position and/or image change how you might play this?


  • ChristopherSigmanChristopherSigman Posts: 1,147Subscriber
    I don't know, I think when combos draws get sticky is when you are deeper and you run into some heat from multiple opponents. In this case, you donked into the pre-flop raiser (who folded) and others called. You hit one of your best outs (which you thought was clean), bet a little more than half pot, they both got it in with you.

    I think more often then not, you would potentially be dominated on the flush side of things, rather than the straight side of things. In this case, villain was short and decided to overcall $80 to win $280 on the flop. Not a great play, perhaps, but I've seen so much worse that doesn't even surprise me.
  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,108Administrator, LeadPro
    These are spots that I love to check raise. If pfraiser is stubborn enough to get it in with an overpair you have decent equity--if pf rasier checks and a top pairish type hand bets you can fold out a lot, including a call from a hand like KQ to the initial bet. Occasionally you will be in a spot where you will be forced fold if you see the initial better ship over your check raise and a cold call all-in behind. The whole purpose of leading a big draw on the flop is to bet 3 bet but nowadays people are just calling with their overpairs on a board like this or are not raise folding the flop.

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