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Episode 7 "Macao"

Watched and observed some high stakes game this week in Macao. Added discussion about polarization.

Per suggestion the hands this week were

1. Jc 9c ---As Kc Qc 8h 2h
2. Q8 --- Q843K
3. As Qd-- Ad td 8d 5s Qh


  • SkinnybrownSkinnybrown Posts: 286Member
    I strongly suggest listeners to take notes as they go through this episode. Although there are only three hands that are covered there are numerous concepts which need a fair amount of critical thinking in order to fully understand and apply to your game with precision.

    I can't stress enough on the importance of the thought process and analysis demonstrated in this episode and what a difference it will make to your game if you actively take these concepts beyond the exact hand that was discussed.

    Putting in that work is what took me from a 1/1/2 fishy to a 3/5 gangsta killa.

    Overall, my favorite podcast episode so far.

    Thanks, Bart.

  • great stuff bart! I also prefer episodes where there's only a few hands with deep deep analysis.
  • SkinnybrownSkinnybrown Posts: 286Member
    3/5 NL
    Villain: 5/10 and 3/5 player. Euro kid in his late 20's. Competant and thinking player. He knows I am a winning player.
    Effective Stacks: $600

    Preflop: Villain is UTG+1 and live straddles to $10. It folds to Hero in MP who raises KsKd to $35, it folds to Villain who calls.

    Flop $73: J79ddd. Villain checks, Hero bets $55 and villain calls with little thought.

    Turn $183 J79ddd3c. Villain checks and Hero checks.

    River $183 J79ddd3c3s. Villain checks, Hero bets $150 and Villain calls.

    Against a decent thinking player do you ever take a bet bet bet line in this situation when their timing on the flop is fast? The flop timing is indicitave of a marginal hand and rarely a monster that is planning on c/r the turn.

    What about betting $125 on the turn and $150-$200 on the river? There's a decent chance villain pays us with a J and we also GAIN value from the naked Ad.

    Villain can also put us on a Ad draw and justify calling the turn bet with most of his range.

    I'm kind of torn (and somewhat feel like we lose value long term) because although we hate getting c/r on the turn (prob have to fold) the part of his range that takes that line is such a small piece of the pie, especially when he calls the flop with little/no thought.

  • I like bet bet bet here.

  • SkinnybrownSkinnybrown Posts: 286Member
    Bart said

    I like bet bet bet here.

    What is the difference between my hand and hand three in the Macau podcast where you advocated checking back turn against good players with AQd on A108ddd5s?

    Just more combos of top pair when we have KK on a J high board and the added fact they can have loan ace of same suit as a 3flush flop?

    I feel like I misused the concept you discussed but not entirely clear why.
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