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lolgiraffe's pgc thread.

LOLGIRAFFELOLGIRAFFE Posts: 108Blogger, Subscriber
edited November 2014 in Poker Goals and Challenges
This thread will serve as a place for me to recap sessions as my goal is to identify leaks consistently versus having a goal or challenge of a perceived amount won or win rate. I know some of the regulars in my room use this site, so I don’t know if I’ll post exact results but it will be good for me to get everything out of my head. If CLP ever launches a blog platform, I’ll move to that as this will likely be more of a blog than a goal specific piece.

My background:
I was a 6M and HU online grinder back before black Friday. I focused on microstakes and was fortunate enough to participate in some programs through CR that provided me exceptional training. That lead to me coaching as well at microstakes. From a live perspective, I enjoyed the social aspect of FR and played often on the side during the online times. Live I would grind anywhere from 3/5 to 5/10. During the series, I would usually go down to grind the side cash. After Black Friday, I quit playing seriously. Just in the last couple months have I got back into it.

Now days, my local room runs 1/3 so the last few months I started there as I don’t feel I’m completely back in flow yet and I’m trying to minimize my loses. Right now, over the 100+ hours I’ve put in I’m beating the game for more than a realistic win rate so I’d anticipate it’s due to running good over playing good.

Some goals for the month of November:
Review all of the 101 content, write notes for each piece of content.
Write a recap of every session, identify something every session to improve on.
Challenge everything! If there was only one line to play each hand, everyone would play perfect and there would be no winners minus the house.

This is my foundation moving forward.


  • LownstarrLownstarr Posts: 268Subscriber
    edited November 2014
    These goals seem incongruous:
    1. "Review all of the 101 content, write notes for each piece of content."
    2. "Challenge everything!"

    I would suggest you first assimilate the most well-established paths before looking to break new ground. Aspiring jazz musicians first learn chords and scales before they start searching for ways to riff on them.
  • LOLGIRAFFELOLGIRAFFE Posts: 108Blogger, Subscriber
    I beleive if you question a strategy you learn more. I've always felt this way. It does not mean you consider someone's opinion wrong. You constantly challenge someone's logic and flow helps improve both. Something Limon said has always stuck with me "I don't beleive in standard lines, I do whatever is best for the situation". Hope that makes sense.
  • workinghardworkinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    Where do you play au? Im at muckleshoot
  • LOLGIRAFFELOLGIRAFFE Posts: 108Blogger, Subscriber
    The lip. I've been following your threads!
  • workinghardworkinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    The lip? Where is that. Haven't heard of it.?
  • LOLGIRAFFELOLGIRAFFE Posts: 108Blogger, Subscriber
    Tulalip I was just being silly
  • workinghardworkinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    Oh duh.
  • LOLGIRAFFELOLGIRAFFE Posts: 108Blogger, Subscriber
    So tonight I only played for about 90 minutes but in that ninety minutes some interesting things happened that I had to jot down real quick. There were only 3 games running when I got there, and eventually broke down to 2. When I sat down I immediately realized I was with 4 regulars, two of which I know fairly well. One thing Bart has pointed out is that a winning image many players have a hard time playing against. I've noticed that my short session results struggle more as a whole because I sit down and play my standard game that I play during longer sessions, when dynamic is built up. But some interesting comments were made during the session that I need to think about when I play with regulars who may be paying attention.

    The first comment came from one guy who said to me after I made a thin VB, "why do you even play these low stakes?". Sweet compliment, but it's pretty uncommon another reg is going to say something like that to you. Then additionally, another player who is a reg who I don't know very well kept calling my opens and I jokingly said to him "sir, please stop punishing me" and he responds with "well you never open this few of hands, your always so much more active". Why that really sparked my interest was that when I sat down I knew I was just burning some time and not playing long, so I wasn't as liberal with my opening ranges. That said, per usual, I would get more calls than most. The other comment made me think that perhaps my perceived image with other players is that I'm a winning player. Interesting to think about, if that is a common though of the regulars I play against how can I take advantage of that.

    Beyond that, it was a pretty basic session. Nothing of interest. Won a flip, lost a flip. Ended the session making a pretty nasty hero call on one of regs that I've actually played HU with live for multiple hours. He flats $14 out of SB, HU to flop. 345, he checks I bet $22 he calls. Turn a 3. He checks, I bet $35, he calls. River a Q, no flush, he shoves for $70. I call with A high and he shows a naked six. Had I not played so many hands HU with this guy I would have never had made the play. But hey, I suppose we all win a hero call every now and then.

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