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Hero fold??

SharkShark Posts: 108Subscriber
The greatest set minder in the town (the tightes ever , his nickname is SET) 3 players limp behind. limps UTG I got TT in BB sqeez to 26€ mr. SET limp/ rerases to 80€ ( he does that always with KK/AA) everyone folds I call for set value ( we re deep) flop is 245cch I CC 100€
TU is a great offsuit T I C he bezs 130 I CR to 360€ he calls RI Ko i bet 390€ he shoves to 800 I tank/ Fold! I know I got great odds but thins Guy is a big time Nit and would never ever shove the RI without the nuts!


  • Gordon806Gordon806 Posts: 59Member
    Don't see how you could ever fold there. If he had a range of all six combos KK and just one combo of AA you have 25% equity on the river. U can't fold.
  • SharkShark Posts: 108Subscriber
    He told me hounestly he had A3s flopped a wheel the guy is a meganit
  • Gordon806Gordon806 Posts: 59Member
    Now he's 3-betting A3s pre?....doesn't sound like a meganit to me.
  • shmedshmed Posts: 321Subscriber
    A bit differently played, but interesting to check out the last hand in CLP episode 29. Somehow Bart raise-instafolds a rivered set of 8s to a flopped set of As that chk/chk flop and turn. Not sure how he didn't go broke there.
  • grindblergrindbler Posts: 131Member
    interesting hand;
    withhold results and you will get better responses and viewpoints IMO.
    I think you would need to have a dead on read to make a fold like this which is pretty rare. (like he exposes his hand)
    Live poker affords us opportunities to make better observations on an opponents tendancies than a simple label of 'nit'.
    'nits' come in all size and shapes; also... 3-betting Ace-little PF isn't that nitty?
    your fold is much much nittier than that IMO.
  • SharkShark Posts: 108Subscriber
    I think the mail problem is continuing on on flop without having position.
    He told me he wanted to abuse his image and make a move dmal suited ace and flopped a wheel!
  • whatsyourplay?whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    This hand absolutely does not make any sense.

    You describe villain as the world's greated nit, but then he reraises with A3s "to make a move"!?
    You call his reraise pre in order to hit a set, but the call his cbet on the flop when you didn't hit!?
    Also, folding on the river because you are afraid of 3 exact combos of KK that beat you is crazy if you also assign him all AA combos.

    If you hit one of your two outs, but still fold to pressure, I don't see how calling could ever be profitable. In order to make the call profitable, you really need villain's assistance to build the pot in those case where you hit. Otherwise, you won't earn enough money to compensate for those cases where you miss.
  • SharkShark Posts: 108Subscriber
    Thats the wired part of it. Seems like I cant do anything because he 3bet me and got position. Its like those scenarios when someone 3 bets IP and you lead into him on flop and he raises the flop. He cant have anything but you cant call off aswell. I just hated life after this hand
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