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Top Set vs drunk guy

SharkShark Posts: 108Subscriber
Mega ultra drunk fish (after openning everyhand and playin blind shoving rivers and showing air and opens to 42€ I flat on CO with AA blinds come along Flop is Q98ss he bets 100 I flat others fold! I wanted to wait for a safe TU in case one of the blinds wants to trap the fish. TU is an Off Ace. He donks 200 I raise to 450 to commit him he calls. RI 5s he shoves 650€ I call he got T6s for a flush. It sucks. (Tell: he said 3 times TIME! Call or Fold!)


  • I'm not sure what your question is here? Are you asking if you should fold the river? Against drunks I won't fold.

  • SharkShark Posts: 108Subscriber
    The Question is if I shoukld raise bigger on TU? and If I could ever fold the RI. He Actually shoved a river 10 minutes before with a missed got-shot as a massive overbet 1300 into 300!
  • MikeMike Posts: 371Member
    The only reason you ever thought twice about this hand was because you lost. Sorry about the bad beat
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