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I Don't Trust My Judgment Anymore Session Hand 4

UntreatableFPSUntreatableFPS Posts: 1,004Subscriber
edited June 2014 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hero has a bit better of an image again. Made some blind calls and was good.

Villain is the same villain from hand 1. He donked off almost the rest of his stack making stupid bluffs and might be a little tilted. He's also been defending his straddle with absurdity.

Villain has about 400 effective

Villain straddles UTG
Hero raises to 35 in MP with Kd9d
Only villain calls, HU to flop

Flop 8d 6d 6h
Villain checks
Hero bets 30
Villain makes it 80
Hero raises to 225
Villain tank ships

I thought this was exactly the type of flop he would try to make a play on.

Am I priced in here? In case he decided to "go with" a draw. Or if he has some kind of a pair and I have two overs plus counterfeit outs. And I had bdfd.

Or should I just angrily fold to a C/R?


  • TyrithTyrith Posts: 353Subscriber
    edited June 2014
    Per the OP, you have a front door flush draw, which would obviously price you in at this point.

    If you only have a back door flush draw...it's pretty impossible to range this guy. Pot is 260 + 400 = 660, 140 to call - 4.71 to 1, or about 17.5%. Since you have ~28% against a single pair ace, I think you're going to be forced to call off here, since he could have various garbage hands, or draws that only have undercards to your king, etc etc.

    I will say, I don't think the flop 3-bet was the best play to make on a spewy bluffer than is possibly tilting. I'd much rather have 99 or A8 right now. I would probably angrily fold to the check/raise, yes.
  • Topset1610Topset1610 Posts: 280Subscriber
    Based off of the Villains player description you do not have any fold equity. For this reason I would just call the flop and evaluate on the turn.

    If you hit on the turn I think you should check it and let him bet into you. If you miss I would still check and then decide after his bet. Hopefully he lets you see another card.
    Thanked by 1Thehammah
  • AesahAesah Posts: 1,048Pro
    seems ok. obviously call as played.
  • OminousCowOminousCow Posts: 702Subscriber
    Seems like a typo in the hand description?
  • DrGambolDrGambol Posts: 724Subscriber
    If we're 400 effective to start the hand, I'd rather jam over the $80 raise than $220/call. It's way too easy for him to ship ace high or a underpair when we can just win the pot.

    Never fold for a min raise all in with a king high flush draw with these pot odds. We might even be ahead of straight draws based on how we played it.
  • SkinnybrownSkinnybrown Posts: 286Member
    why are you opening this hand in MP with 40 BB's?
    Thanked by 1RDF
  • multiversemultiverse Posts: 69Member
    why are you opening this hand in MP with 40 BB's?

    She's playing 2/5. 80bb's
  • fishcakefishcake Posts: 1,002Subscriber
    multiverse wrote:
    why are you opening this hand in MP with 40 BB's?

    She's playing 2/5. 80bb's

    Wrong. It's 2/5/10 with the straddle. I agree this shouldn't be an open. Snap call as play, hate the c-bet sizing and hate the raise sizing.
  • DrGambolDrGambol Posts: 724Subscriber
    If the villain is this bad and defending 99% of his straddles, then MP raise is fine despite not being deeper.
  • RDFRDF Posts: 183Member
    DrGambol wrote:
    If the villain is this bad and defending 99% of his straddles, then MP raise is fine despite not being deeper.

    Disagree. There are at least 6 people left to act (HJ, CO, BU, SB, BB, UTG).
  • ArenzanoArenzano Posts: 1,464Subscriber
    edited July 2014
    I think it is okay to open this hand from mp, IF,,,,,, she knows there aren't any 3 bettors behind in late position. Frankly though, I would prefer a slightly larger open to 40. But that may be negligible. Besides he is defending liberally.

    HU flop bet is fine, but once the raise comes in why re raise? You don't have the nut flush, you don't have a straight draw flush draw. We can't beat a six presently. I think flatting the raise is best here, because we have position which allows us to see what he does on the turn. We also might pick up more equity with a T, 5, 7 9 or K.

    Once you put in the 4 bet, I think you're stuck and should just call it off.
  • floppedawheelfloppedawheel Posts: 1,063Subscriber
    i think the middle open is fine, expecting that villain will call with a wide range of worse hands, if the field behind you tends to play a little tighter even in position. otherwise, you're gonna be playing a bloated OOP to one or two, maybe three, opponents.

    as played, there's no way you can fold now. you could be against the A high FD, but other than that, you're in decent shape getting more than 4.5 to 1.

    what was your thought process with the flop raise? for value? or did you somehow think there was fold equity?
  • floppedawheelfloppedawheel Posts: 1,063Subscriber
    Aesah wrote:
    seems ok. obviously call as played.

    how is this flop raise OK? seems pretty clear she has close to zero fold equity. so do you think she's actually AHEAD on the flop with this action?
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