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Checking turn- Only better will call

wildncrazyguywildncrazyguy Posts: 422Subscriber
I raise from button with A3o. BB calls. Every else folds. Flop comes AAQ rainbow. I bet little less than ½ pot trying to purposely make it look weak and he raises pretty big. I call. He took awhile before raising so I think he was making a play. Turn is blank like a 4. No flush draws. He checks. I checked. River is 10 and he bets small I call and he shows KJ. Now I know the river is most likely a bad call since I put him on raising with a gutshot but I was getting 6-1. My main question is the turn. Should I have bet? I don’t think so mainly because worse isn’t calling, only better and I may induce a bluff from him on the river but wondering others opinions.

I actually re-reviewed my notes and this was a limped pot and I was in position. Dont really think it matters limped or raised nor if in or out of position. I still think I play it the same way regardless.


  • MikeMike Posts: 371Member
    dont limp trash hands from LP. Just raise. def bet the turn. Generally people who ch/r flop then ch turn are trying to set the price to get 2 cards. There are a ton of hands that villain could have played this way that you are ahead of. You can almost bet turn and if he jams on you fold.
  • When you flop trips in general you are losing too much value by checking through one street, especially at the lower levels. This is even more true in a limped pot where your opponent will likely call down with just a queen not putting you on trip aces since you did not raise preflop. I agree with Mike you should be bet folding vs a jam on the turn. Personally, if I played the hand the way you did I would raise the river over a small bet.

  • wildncrazyguywildncrazyguy Posts: 422Subscriber
    I actually considered raising the river but I mean a gutshot came in on the river which as it turned out is what he had. The main thing is this - Is worse calling? I guess a queen might but if he has a queen is he calling all 3 streets? Maybe. I guess thats it though.
  • Maybe I'm blind but I read that he open raised the button, which is fine. I'd definitely bet the turn. Yeah, villain could just have air but he could also have a Q or KJ or some sort of pocket pair and call a small bet. I think river is a raise, like Bart said. If he made a normal bet I'd just call.
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