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ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
I am generally a tight aggressive player.. That said I have been getting killed lately in nitty games. Last night I went to play some 2/3 at The Bike after I busted the PLO8 tourney. Most of these games are pretty nitty because so many regs just sit there for the free food and I dunno the free parking (you dont get much else at the bike- but they are experimenting with rakeback this month).

So I was thinking. In a nitty game should I try to iso more in pos with a wider variety of hands rather than just for straight value? If they are nitty they will be playing more fit or fold and I can win a lot more pots uncontested. I should also be able to use my handreading skills to outplay them again to either steal pots or value own them. In looser games I would think a tighter more value oriented strategy would work better.

So given this idea I decided to put it to the test. If I am looser and more aggressive and win at showdown that should get me a lot more action then I would if I played straight for value. I started off with my normal MO.. value hands etc.. player typed all the players at the table and figured who were the best targets to iso in pos ..

about 30 min in and after winning a few small pots without showdown. Then I win a big pot against a fish when he min raised me on a flop of K xx dry and I raised pre with AK. I called his raise and let him value own himself all in on turn.

A little bit later I see a weak tight player limp utg I see 97 dias in the co and raise to 15.. button calls me.. nice french older guy.. kinda loose but also not spewy.. tight guy folds.. heads up pot 32

Flop 664 two hearts..

I had decided that I would bet basically any flop.. So I bet 25.. he thinks and calls... I think he probabaly has 22-55.. maybe overpairs but not as likely..

Turn 7 clubs.. I bet 45.. he calls again.. So he might also have a flush draw..

River A hearts.. this isnt such a good card and I plan to check fold. I check he checks and I win with pair of 7s.. he had pocket 5s..

I got ALOT of action from him after this.. I didnt actually hit anything but it made it I think rather easy to play against him since I knew that he would play straightforward against me.. Also would call much much lighter..

In the end I won about 130 bucks playing about 5 hours.. not great but better than a sharp stick in the eye. I dont understand why I didnt think of this before..


  • UntreatableFPSUntreatableFPS Posts: 1,004Subscriber
    I follow the "tight in tight games but looser than the rest of table" and "loose in loose games but tighter than the rest of table" formula

    If they're nitty enough, I like to iso in position with pretty junky hands and just try to win the pot when they're weak. Against weak limpers, I iso with hands as weak as T7o or Q5s if I know I'll get the pot most of the time they miss. Or if I have a strange two pair and they have top pair, I might get paid off, etc.

    Then, after a while, you might actually start getting paid off when you're betting for thin value because everybody thinks you're aggressive.

    The only problem I see with LAGging it up after a while:
    Weak nitty players see you as recklessly aggressive, not understanding that it's actually well-timed aggression to run over the table. So if they start viewing you as reckless, they might want to find a way to play back at you. So sometimes when I'm being aggressive and somebody else is betting/raising, I start leveling myself into thinking that they might be bluffing me because they're getting sick of me trying to be aggressive. And I'm against the nuts. Or, somebody will be playing back at me and I'll hero fold, and they're bluffing with complete air or overplaying something weaker than my hand.
  • ArenzanoArenzano Posts: 1,464Subscriber
    I think the old adage is if the table is loose, you should tighten up and if the table is tight, you should play looser. Anytime your handreading skills are better than your opponents you will have an edge in the game. So with that strategy, I think you would do quite well.

    Funny though, whenever I play at the Bike, I am more likely to sit at a table where everybody wants to see flops no matter the PF raise. Maybe I am the fish!
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