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$1/$2 NL: 125BB, JJ in EP, we get 3-bet shoved on by a shortstack, with two other deep stacks involv

ChaseChase Posts: 182Subscriber
$1/$2 NL. The game is playing typically passive, and fairly loose.

Playing 8 handed, I start the hand with about $250 and open UTG+1 with JJ to $8. Guy with $350 on my immediate left calls. A player in LP goes all in for $31, the SB, with a $500 stack, calls $31. It folds around to me, I call the $31, and the player on my left calls. Pot is about $115 after the rake. Flop is [8s][7c][5c]. SB checks. I bet $40, the other 2 players fold.

Please give me your thoughts on preflop as well as the flop.

Interesting side note: The game was not actually $1/$2 NL but $1/$2 $2-$100 spread limit because AZ state law bans "no limit" betting. Does this change what the best play is preflop, given that the most we can 4-bet to is $131? Does it change how we play the hand in any other ways?

Thanks for your help!


  • CrazyCBettorCrazyCBettor Posts: 46Member
    Preflop: I think you have the best hand most of the time, I would definitely reraise to get the other 2 players to fold (131 does sound like the right number), I think you are giving up a lot by just calling here
    Flop: Its a bet all day but I don't like your amount the pot is 124, why did you chose to bet only 40? I would bet something like 70.
  • If it's a $100 cap game, you should shove preflop. If it were NL, I would probably make it $90 preflop and then fold if the SB shoves.

    Agree with Crazy on the flop play.
  • whatsyourplay?whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    Yes, reraise preflop to isolate the shorty and get it heads-up with a lot of dead money in the pot.

    It would be different if you had 500$, but with your stack size, reraising is definitely the best play.

    As played, leading this flop is the way to go. Just make it a bit larger, as already mentioned.
  • ChaseChase Posts: 182Subscriber
    I bet $40 because these two villains seemed like the could fold 99 or TT to a big bet on the flop and I thought $40 was enough to get them to fold AK/AQ. What's the purpose of betting more? To make sure AK/AQ fold? To get more value from 99/TT?

    Thanks for the responses everyone.
  • whatsyourplay?whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    At least the guy to your left also has other types of hands in his range, like suited connectors etc., right? Hands link 98s, T8s, 76s, overcards with flush draw, etc.??
  • CrazyCBettorCrazyCBettor Posts: 46Member
    I am not sure if people are folding overpairs to a single bet at this level, i don't see that at 3/5 or even 5/10. Also as WYP correctly says the guy after you has a very wide calling range and you must not give him that great immediate odds.
  • ChaseChase Posts: 182Subscriber
    CrazyCBettor said

    Also as WYP correctly says the guy after you has a very wide calling range and you must not give him that great immediate odds.
    That is a really good point. With a $250 stack and spread limit structure, we should 4-bet to $131. If we had $500 effective and it was true NL, maybe giving the guy on our left great odds by calling is not enough reason to 4-bet.
  • wildncrazyguywildncrazyguy Posts: 422Subscriber
    You bet more on the flop because you are giving draws good odds to call. Charge them more. You should isolate PF. Easy shove when it gets back to you. Plus $8 PF? I'd make it more like $12-$15. Thats more the norm in the 1-2 games I play in sometimes.
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