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CLP Podcast No.77: Identifying and plugging leaks

Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,125Administrator, LeadPro
edited April 2014 in Crush Live Poker podcast
This week Dave Tuchman discusses self assessment and the adjustments needed to improve. He also talks about identifying and plugging leaks. Episode posts at 2:00PM ET.




  • NicholasKNicholasK Posts: 237Member
    Great podcast Dave. Not very technical but I appreciated the uplifting motivational tone throughout.
    Thanked by 1DavidTuchman
  • QHealthyQHealthy Posts: 100Subscriber
    Awesome advices! More David T Podcast please!
  • SlingtownSlingtown Posts: 42Subscriber
    I really enjoyed the discussion. the Axss hand is such a leak of mine and it just become alot clearer right here. I enjoyed how you took us through the step by step aspect from starting with notes to really hashing things out. Something I am putting into my game ASAP.
    Thanked by 1DavidTuchman
  • khalwatkhalwat Posts: 997Subscriber
    Reverend Tuchman, preach on brotha!
    Thanked by 2Reece DavidTuchman
  • 5DollarShake5DollarShake Posts: 64Subscriber
    Thanks for the podcast Dave.

    I really like the way you approach and think about the game.

    What's good about this site is Dave, DC and Bart all go about it differently, there is more than one way to skin a cat.

    Thanked by 2Reece DavidTuchman
  • ChristopherSigmanChristopherSigman Posts: 1,147Subscriber
    What's good about this site is Dave, DC and Bart all go about it differently, there is more than one way to skin a cat.

    Don't forget Don Ding and Limon! I think all five offer a wide variety of approaches and perspectives. Very comprehensive site indeed!

  • neverlearn2neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
    nice podcast a bit different.

    the family and support thing is pretty big IMO. Im not a pro but just playing for fun its been sometimes difficult cause my only support comes from the internet. None of my friends play or gamble at all in general. The few poker players ive met have been people I dont want to hang out with and I dont think too highly of their character besides chilidog here :). The big one is my wife. Ive toned down quite a bit before to now playing semi regularly again and its cause of her dad. Her dad is a low limit donater. He put his family in huge debt playing 3/6 and 6/12 limit. So obv she had some issues with me playing. Finally after sometime i guess she started trusting me and seeing my approach and results shes ok with me playing the amount I do. But she has no interest in talking or hearing about poker. Before when she had issues along with no friends that play, my motivation and focus were severely affected.

    It would be nice to have an everyday friend I guess that plays to talk about hands with but Im fine with settling on forums for that.

  • DavidTuchmanDavidTuchman Posts: 791Pro
    Thanks for the kind words everyone...

    NeverLearn ... it can be very difficult to summon the motivation when your partner in life isn't supportive. I do think it's important for them to understand how much you enjoy the game and that you do take it seriously. It'll help your game a lot and your relationship.

    In terms of us all having our style..That's kind of why I always stress that poker is not a black and white, right and wrong game...More often than not, there are many ways to "skin a cat" ...

    Any questions you might have, don't hesitate to ask.

    - Tuck
  • eyedunnoeyedunno Posts: 215Subscriber
    Great podcast Dave! I definitely tend to agree about results sharing with a significant other who does not understand the variance of the game...

    I'd be interested to get your take on what you do share, though? Monthly? Quarterly? Yearly? Or is it more along of lines of just ensuring basic needs/bills are always accounted for with plenty of cushion, etc? I don't play for a living but have always wondered about this and I'm sure it's probably different for everyone.

    I'd also be interested to hear how others who play for a living separate bankroll from living expenses (without getting too personal, obviously) IE: How often is $ moved from bankroll to say, the checking or savings account for other uses? Does anyone give themselves an every 2 week "pay day" of sorts so budgets and what not can be adhered to?
  • FreeLunchFreeLunch Posts: 1,311Pro
    Excellent podcast.

    Question about your plan to address leak 1 re suited A out of position. You said that you would limp and then find yourself calling for more in a multiway raised pot and thought that was leak. Instead of never limping small AXs early - why not just never limp in games where people are attacking limp or where the folks that will be in late position on you prefer to raise than limp? Also never call after you limp and are raised. Seems like your basic goal of over flushing in deep games is valid but you were not adjusting as to when not to limp.

    I'm pretty sure I've heard you say thinks like "train the fish" before so I suspect you agree that some times you can influence the way the game is played. I find ofen that if I limp early and others limp behind without being attacked then you encourage others to limp early which you can exploit in position. If you agree with that idea, then never limping ASs is a bad adjustment since you give up one of the ways you can influence the flow of the game.

  • RogerHardyRogerHardy Posts: 794Subscriber
    I'm not a pro, but its worked out better for me since I tell my wife my exact wins and losses every time I go (I think it helps that I'm winning). But she's really gotten behind me on it, understands why I like to play and why I keep asking for poker books for Christmas and my birthday. The biggest gain is that I've got her convinced that when I retire I can fund my golf habit with my poker habit as my part time job vs. having to go to work at Wal-mart :lol:
  • DavidTuchmanDavidTuchman Posts: 791Pro

    My fiance knows approximately what I earn a year... She's my partner in life and it's important she knows where we're at financially. Telling her the daily ups and downs is pointless.

    I treat my poker as a business and like any business, it's bank account (my poker bankroll) is kept seperate from my personal bank account. Just like any business that I'd be the CEO of, I take a salary. For me a quarterly salary works best.
    Thanked by 1eyedunno
  • DavidTuchmanDavidTuchman Posts: 791Pro
    Hyena89, you bring up good points.

    It's funny, Bart and I talk poker all the time and many times we'll throw a new idea out there...or we'll talk about one of our leaks. In my case, you hit the nail on the head. If I'm in a passive deep game, limping with Axs certainly has merit. Unfortunately, I just wasn't making the correct adjustments in a more aggressive game.

    Training the fish...monkey see, monkey do also has merit...I'm not sure if playing less than optimally is something I want to do just to get my opponents to play bad? ... I'd almost rather give the impression that I'm doing something without actually doing it. Not sure if that makes sense...but it's kind of like giving off an image without it actually being true. From what I've found, playing Axs from upfront or tbh, most hands from upfront is just not a hugely profitable play. I stand by this >>> look for excuses not to play out of position. Look for excuses to play in position.

    I think small pairs are easy to play in any position, but playing suited connectors or suited aces from upfront in a typical game is probably a neg EV play.
  • DavidTuchmanDavidTuchman Posts: 791Pro
    Rec Roger, I always say...to each their own. if It works, don't fix it.
  • AGBAGB Posts: 103Member
    Enjoyed the PC Dave, good job.

    I think the sick thing about poker is that no one is really ever "leak free". Sure ppl play their A game more then others but it seems there is always something to work on or improve. Also with the way poker is always evolving its important to spend time w/ sites like this etc to keep up with things, even in passive live games.
    Thanked by 1DavidTuchman
  • TerpHimselfTerpHimself Posts: 329Subscriber
    Thanks for the podcast. Honestly looking at your game is what allows a player to step up to the next level. I'm also blessed with an understanding wife who trusts me and I'm honest with her about when I play and I make sure to keep my roll separate so it never interferes with our personal financial situation. If you build trust, then you don't have to constantly update on yours wins/losses.

    One thing Dave mentioned that I don't think gets near enough love from players looking to make the jump is finding the leaks in your wins. I've been a winning player for years, but just in the last two have I made a effort to find the flaws in the pots that I take down. The $ left on the table b/c I check back a river when the flush comes in, don't value-bet thinly enough in good games, or don't burn off $ in a bluff when my image is bad are things I didn't really care about a few years ago, b/c heck, I was winning, so whatever.

    Moving the needle from $30/hr to $45/hr is so huge. I was literally held back from higher stakes b/c I was leaving too much money on the table. And those mistakes are amplified when you jump to the next level.

    Leaks are not only found in your losses. I've found way more value going through my hand histories of my wins.

    Thanked by 1DavidTuchman
  • paulbergerpaulberger Posts: 78Member
    Great PC Tuck! I enjoyed it very much, and I definitely have the Ace X leak...not anymore though! I see the value you talked about playing those hands in limped pots which can be huge. You will certainly stack any King or even Queen high flush. Love that! Agree with the opponents perception angle, and will pay more attention to that, but not too big a leak in my game. I am married with 1 daughter who is in her second semester at Syracuse. The wife never complains, as poker has been profitable for me, and my family has benefitted by this. I would love for you to do more on this subject, and appreciate your work! Thanks!
    Thanked by 1DavidTuchman
  • FreeLunchFreeLunch Posts: 1,311Pro

    re if "training the fish is +-EV". I may take this farther than I should, but I think that if all you do is look at hands in isolation and don't think about how they change later play then you are leaving money on the table (not saying this is you). If not explicitly, Bart seems to buy this idea implicitly when he talks about he adjust cbets etc based on his image.

    I see this all the time in forums like this when people agonize over close decisions. A lot of times their decision would be a lot easier if they think though the longer impact and have a plan for how they can change their play depending on how the hand goes.

    Obvious case is if someone is getting up or is the type to hit and run we often adjust by playing snugger. In the hand in the podcast where you had a drunk image and made the right adjustment, if you had got called by better it would only further strengthen that image, and since you are good enough to exploit your image that is a good example of how part of the hand logic can include "If Im beat here and he wins then Ill try to make myself look even crazier and show the unpaired card then fold."
  • JamesSuhJamesSuh Posts: 320Subscriber
    Hey DT,

    Great podcast, it was very informative especially the part about the significant other. I was wondering where I'd be able to find the Brian Rast article? Google did not come up with anything.
  • ReeceReece Posts: 90Subscriber

    This was a great episode!!! I wish I would have listened to it earlier. I won about $1300 on Wednesday and the table was dying and not many fish there, so I decided to leave early after 6 hours. But I missed so much value which prompted my post about is it ok to leave value for information. I could have made anywhere from $200-$600 more.

    Before listening to this episode I was thinking about how much I lose playing Ax suited. I had about 2-3 straight sessions where I had Ax suited about 5-7 times each and I wouldn't even flop a flush draw let a lone flush over flush someone. Even when I flopped a flush I didn't get a lot of value because it wasn't 2nd or 3rd nuts.

    Hands like AJ or A10 suited is that okay to limp call with up front rather than raise? My thinking is that I still don't want to get raised off my Ace suited hand and also, if my range is limited to limp/calling with AJ and A10 suited, the amount of money I would be losing with drastically go down because all the other suited Aces A2-A9 are now out of my range.
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