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5/5 JJs vs Villian on tilt

beepbeepbeepbeep Posts: 28Member
5/5 game at the local casino and Villian in Seat 6 has already lost several buy-ins with some dubious calls, massively steaming and is constantly squeezing and raising to $40 or more in limped pots and then aggressively barrelling freq of >50%. Hero in Seat 8 playing very tight all night, been at the table for several hours and card dead, so not really involved at all, just took down a big pot with pocket KKs half an hour ago (Hero 3-bet pf, bet flop, shoved turn). Whole table is pretty limpy loosey.

Hero $1100 Utg +1 picks up JJs, raises to 20
3 callers to Villian in BB (stack 800), raises to 135

Hero calls. Rest folds.

Flop 9spade9diamond7diamond

Villian bets 400...

1. In normal situations this is insta-fold. But his overbet on the flop suggests air plus his tilt-ey history.. I just thought there's better situations to put 160BBs in on.. Thoughts ?

2. Would it have been better to 4-bet-fold preflop ?


  • TyrithTyrith Posts: 353Subscriber
    This scenario is kind of tough to evaluate from a distance, since it's going to come down to how this particularly villain's form of massive monkey tilt manifests itself. But from what you've said here, yeah, this guy sounds like he's perfectly capable of doing this with random cards. Some of those random cards will be 9s, and some of them will be AA, but some of them will be KJ and other nonsense.

    Mathematically, I think this is a call/call off turn, and this situation is likely massively +EV for you. But I also get how embracing the variance is very difficult emotionally.
  • MikeMike Posts: 371Member
    I think im just shipping it in here OTF. If you get him to fold his overcard equity i think thats a win and i dont imagine he will try and bluff you off your hand on the turn when he has to bet 400 into 1030 and you are getting a great price to call.

    Just calling is better than 4b in spots like this. The guy is steaming but it takes a really special kind of tilt to get someone to put in that much money with shit PF by basically calling off his stack.

    Sure you are gonna lose this pot some % of the time but a higher majority of the time you are gonna win.
  • beepbeepbeepbeep Posts: 28Member
    Hey Mike, he was in BB so he had the betting lead. I knew he was going to cbet and was already mentally prepared to call when I saw the flop, but his bet sizing really threw me off. None of his cbets up until that hand had been overpot.
  • TyrithTyrith Posts: 353Subscriber
    beepbeep said

    Hey Mike, he was in BB so he had the betting lead. I knew he was going to cbet and was already mentally prepared to call when I saw the flop, but his bet sizing really threw me off. None of his cbets up until that hand had been overpot.
    It just depends then - is he doing with with a big OP to protect, or is just him tilting harder? Problem is that there's no way to construct a bluffing range because he could be doing this with any two, which means live reads are going to trump the math.
  • marseillemarseille Posts: 400Subscriber
    Agree with others that this is probably an +ev call down but I also understand waiting for better spots against this tilting v. His overbet would probably give me pause too, simply because it didn't fit his pattern. Had you seen him cbet overbet 3bet pots before? Why the change-up? IDK, this is one of those hands where neither play is a huge mistake. Shrug and move on.
  • MikeMike Posts: 371Member
    did he say 400 or just throw chips in? Is he aware of pot size? Ive seen shit like this where the guy goes to bet a normal amount but grabs extra $100 chip by accident or mixes up colours (Canada ftw). In a spot vs a tilting V i think only you can determine what he is doing this with... we dont really know how much he is tilting... what he does generally while tilting. If he loses this pot with say TT will it set him off even more? all of this only you know so its hard to tell youw hat is the best play. I still think shipping back is the best play though. If he is tilting it will wear off so you should try and get the money now while you have good equity.
  • ArenzanoArenzano Posts: 1,464Subscriber
    I tend to think the play here is to either 4b to $350 and fold to a 5b or fold once he puts in the 3b. You're described image is tight and you open EP. The V sticks a huge 3b in which essentially says he wants to play for stacks. So unless you want to open your stack for $800 you're probably better off folding your JJ.

    As played, fold the flop and move on. Probably too nitty for most but you're bluff catching here and you only beat TT.
  • beepbeepbeepbeep Posts: 28Member
    Thanks all for your responses. I'm not too bothered about the flop, just one of those and I wasn't going to stick in 160BB on one pair to bluff catch.

    I was interested to hear if I could play the pre-flop a bit better. Still undecided about the 4-bet.......
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