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TT in SB with loads of dead money preflop

SuperflySuperfly Posts: 606Subscriber
edited February 25 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I was watching a David Chan video (CLP #137 from LATB in 2014) and he made a comment in a hand that seemed strange to me.

$5-10, $1.9K effective
3 limps to David who raises button with AQo. SB just calls with TT. David says he likes the flat call because it’s hard for TT to get called by worse as a 3bet, and also because TT doesn’t mind rec limpers coming along multi-way.

I would have thought this was a mandatory 3bet to steal the dead money and hopefully keep the hand heads up or even take the pot down vs potentially wide BTN open when we will have to play a vulnerable hand OOP. Am I missing something here?

BTW, I’ve posted this before, but despite being dated, David Chan’s CLP videos are generally masterful in providing great analysis and strategy tips. I highly recommend them.
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  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    I think David's videos are great (though I haven't wached them in 'eva), but it wouldn't surprise me in the least to learn that there has been a sea change in how we play out of the blinds in the past 6 years. I think I can say for certain that there has been a change in how often people call a 3! IP. These days I would fully expect to get called by a huge range of hands from BTN, and that is likely different than when D made the video.
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  • DaddyslapDaddyslap Posts: 110Subscriber
    I actually had a hand very similar to this in a home game I played - I also flatted 1010 in the SB after a couple limps and a CO open - Before making the call, I recognized that this is a 3! nearly 100% of the time, but due to the circumstances of the game, I elected to flat and play the hand OOP.

    My reasoning in this specific game came down to the initial raiser's range was weighted to the top end - This player wasn't opening suited connectors, low end suited Aces, etc. The range tended towards pocket pairs and high Aces (A10o+, A9s+) and suited broadways. I didn't feel I was ever getting a fold from this Villain to a 3! outside of a ridiculous size, and the game was playing so loose that the limpers were coming along regardless. Based on this range, the hands I get to fold to a 3! I'm ahead of, and anything he is flatting with is either flipping or ahead.

    If the game wasn't playing so loose and I could expect folds from the limpers as well as the main Villain, then I would definitely 3! to either isolate or take down the dead money.
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  • GarlandGarland Posts: 529Subscriber
    edited February 25
    Things have changed over the years, and I think the advocating re-raising TT from SB is due to two components (1) increased range of opening particularly from later positions [ahead of range] and (2) the tendency and increased frequency [called by worse]. We are exploiting these tendencies by expanding our 3-betting range to include pairs as low as TT OOP.
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