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2/5 Another Weird Sidepot Situation

cruxcrux Posts: 119Subscriber
Main V in this hand is basically unknown, but is a regular player as far as dealers and other players know him by name.
Hero in BB, $780
K Q :s:

Main V is UTG w/ ~$530 effective

Preflop: UTG limp, MP1 Jams $35, MP2 call, Hero call

Flop ($140) K :s: 3 6
H leads $30, UTG call, MP2 fold

Turn ($140 main) ($60 side)
H $40, V $160, tank call

River ($140) ($380)
X, V Jam $308, Hero ??

My main thought on the hand is that I avoid a lot of issues later by either folding pre or 3! here. I think in this particular instance I should have 3! to cut down on UTG's limp/calling range, and just try to get heads up with the short stack that is generally jamming extremely wide.


  • McLovinMcLovin Posts: 50Subscriber
    Yeah i will say just 3 bet the original raiser to around 125 to make our life simple.
  • LatvianMissileLatvianMissile Posts: 301Subscriber
    Preflop: I don't mind just flatting because we're not in great shape if MP2 calls our raise, however, I don't mind raising to go heads up with the all in player.

    Flop play is fine, although I'd probably bet a bit more like 50 to get called but draws and weaker Kings. Turn bet as played is fine, but I'd fold to a raise. Our KQ isn't going to be good very often against a turn raise since people aren't going to raise with KJ or KT in that spot. Occasionally we'll be up against 54, but V1 likely has a pocket pair and hit a set or hit the only suited combo of K9.

    River is a fold. although 87 missed, it wouldn't be calling a flop bet. 54 would, but the 4d came out and the most likely bluff raise candidate on the turn, isn't there (54dd). So he'd have to be bluffing with air for us to be good.
    And if it turns out V has something like TT, then we know to call him light in the future.
    Thanked by 1crux
  • cruxcrux Posts: 119Subscriber
    I folded the river. I think at worst he had two pair.

    The pre-flop jammer showed A K for the nut flush.
    The V that I was in the sidepot with mucked, so not sure what he had.
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