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Did I miss a semi-bluff opportunity?

JS84JS84 Posts: 33Subscriber
Talking Stick Resort, Arizona. $3/5 spread limit. Max bet is $500 per action. Effective stacks around $1,000.

UTG2 opens for $30 (a bit large, but opens have been somewhat random on this table). UTG2 is mid-40's to early 50's woman. Not quite OMC style of play, but pretty tight. Expect suited broadway+, AJo/KQo, maybe TT/99+. Not sure if we can read into this larger sizing since table has been random.

Next two players call (and maybe a 3rd, not sure).

Hero in SB with A 5 Pot around $100-130. I think about making a 3!, but given how tight the opener generally is I decide not to and just call. Not sure how many folds I get from UTG2 if I make it $150-175.

BB calls. Pot $150-180.

Flop is 8 7 4× Checks to PFR, she hesitates like she's not happy and finally bets $65. Everyone slowly calls. Pot is either 345 or 440.

Raise or call here? I can have all 10 combos sets and 4 combos of straights here (all combos of 65s). I definitely play those for a check-raise, and I think I should be playing this draw the same way. I think the smallest I can go is $400, or all the way up to the max of $565.

I'll reveal what I did after some comments, but I don't like how I played it at the table. Thoughts on the best line to take?


  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,109Administrator, LeadPro
    Definitely raise. Your hand has a boatload of equity vs an overpair (15 outs) and there is a huge overlay in the pot + the preflop raiser has to worry about the calls behind her. This is a perfect spot to semi bluff.
  • neverlearn2neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
    Yea def. Raise initially I thought it was a call but a FD with two overs isn't folding here.
  • JS84JS84 Posts: 33Subscriber
    Thanks. I made a few close call downs earlier in the session that were wrong (out-kicked, ran 2nd pair into top pair, etc.), so I was questioning my instincts at that point in the session.

    So if I make it $500-565, are we planning on jamming pretty much every turn should we get called? I think with a bet that big we're probably only getting called by another combo draw. PFR in a really bad spot with an overpair and 3 people left behind to act. I imagine this gets through a lot.
  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,109Administrator, LeadPro
    If the pfr calls and everyone fold I would jam any non board pair. And if you check a board pair many times you will get a reverse free card and you can decide whether or not you want to bluff blanks on the river as your hand looks like a fullhouse. Against any other caller I would jam any turn, most likely. Bart
  • JS84JS84 Posts: 33Subscriber
    Thanks Bart. I think in a session that was going better I would have made this play, just wasn't on my best game at this point.
    I ended up calling and BB called as well.

    Turn is K× Checks through.

    River is low blank (I think 3× ) and checks through.

    PFR shows A× K for top pair and the winning hand (why she led this into 6 people on the flop???? Serious button clicking there.)

    BB shows 9 6 for open-ended straight-flush draw. He would have called any raise on the flop, and I definitely would have jammed that turn to rep the straight/sets.
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