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JJ, interesting turn card

MatthewTagliaferriMatthewTagliaferri Posts: 18Member
1/2 live game, Cleveland Horseshoe.

I isolate a UTG limper to $17 with JhJc. Villain is fairly competent, but probably limping more than usual due to an extremely weak table. We go heads up.

Pot is $37.
Flop is 8h 6d 3h. Villain donks $15 into me. I minraise to $30. (I hate this play by me, incidentally). He calls quickly. I read his play as a draw, either hearts, 45s, or 79s. He is not bad enough to think A8/89 is good here, or to draw to 2pair/trips. He is definitely not playing a big overpair tricky - he would raise his good hands preflop 100% due to the weakness of the table.

Pot is 97$
Turn is the Ace of spades. Villain checks. Do I check behind, or bet again? I have conflicting desires here - one is to protect against various draws, the other is to not build a giant pot with one pair.


  • ChristopherWongChristopherWong Posts: 9Subscriber
    sounds like a clear case of a bet/fold on the turn. since you've already eliminated the likelihood of the villain calling your flop raise with A8, then the A should be a great card for you to bet. if you get reraised, then you can easily fold. if he had two pair or a set on the flop, he is still way ahead of you. and if he is on a draw, then you are not giving him a free card to make his hand.
  • ChristopherSigmanChristopherSigman Posts: 1,147Subscriber
    If you read his play as a draw, I like a bigger raise on the flop, maybe $45 or $50. You want to get value from draws.

    I would think this villain is NOT very competent if in a $1/$2 game, 45s and 79s are in his limp/call-a-$15-raise range heads up out of position, unless the stacks are VERY deep and he believes he can outplay you on certain flops. And donking an 8-high, two-heart board for less than half pot is not my idea of "outplaying" you. Therefore, I think his range is A8 suited and flush draws that he limp-calls with preflop (Axhh lower than AQ, KQs, KJs, KTs, QJs, QTs, JTs, T9s), all of which you should pound on the flop.

    I don't mind the check on the turn, because I think a good deal of his range contains an A. Check back and see what this donkey does on the river!
  • MikeMike Posts: 371Member
    Just bet fold. Your min raise on the flop is not going to get him to fold any of the 8s in his range. Bet until you get raised then fold. I guess you could check back river if he calls turn.

    obv raise bigger on flop and fold to a shove. Also stack sizes would help.
  • I like to bet the turn and then check back on the river. I don't mind your raise on the flop but it should be sized a little larger. If he happens to have the nut flush draw so be it but there are too many other hands you dont want to give free cards to especially if you are going to call brick rivers.

  • grindblergrindbler Posts: 131Member
    what are the stack sizes?
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