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What should I buy in for at 1/2 uncapped game?

I play an uncapped 1/2 game regularly at a club poker room and have been wondering lately how much I should be buying in for.

I have about 9k bankroll and no income outside of poker to replace it if I lose it all. I have a very low COL and have that covered as well for the next 6 months or so.

I've been winning about 8.5BB an hour since I started keeping good records over the last 350 hours, but have played a lot of 1/2 , 1/3 and occasionally 2/5 over the past 10-15 years and feel pretty confident I can beat the games at my poker room at those stakes, especially 1/2.

There is a timed rake of 8$/hr at the room, so I really feel like I am loosing money if I buy in smaller as I am not paying out less in rake the less hands I play as I would in a typical raked game.

The game typically plays with two or three stacks that are 500$-1000$ and the rest around 100$-300$. I have been buying in for 300$ but even that feels shallow as people at this level commonly open for 6x-10x, and the straddle is on every 3rd or 4th hand usually. I bought in for 500$ yesterday but am a bit nervous about buying in for this much or larger regularly. Typically the 500$ is not to much at risk, but there are some crazy gambling Asians that play and i would have to be willing to get it in with them, which would make my swings larger.

What do think is the most I can get away with buying in with before I start to seriously put myself at risk of going broke?


  • Jesse_The_SuitJesse_The_Suit Posts: 493Subscriber, Professional
    I'd wouldn't want to buy in with more than 2 percent of my roll (maybe even 1 percent) if I had no other income. But I am super risk adverse.
  • FreeLunchFreeLunch Posts: 1,311Pro
    Seems like a good game to shortsack with the intent to ad on later as needed. Your strategy should take into account your seat position - that is how much you buy in should vary based on stack and style of those on your right vs left.
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  • z7z7 Posts: 225Subscriber
    sounds like a great game. Your roll is somewhat of a hindrance I think though. I think buying in for 300 is probably correct but even that is gonna be super swingy if there are straddles and people open 6-10x.

    I really think it might be worth it to get a little side job just to beef up the roll a little bit. That way when the game is super super good you can even buy in for 1k. Something like delivering pizzas 3-4 nights a week you can make like $20 an hour. Making $400 a week working like 20 hours I think will carry you through the swings and make you a lot less pressured. Just until you get your bank roll
    Up to where you are comfortable.

    I think buying in deep enough to cover everybody or 300 is best. You can't even consider buying in deep with your roll though which is a problem. And 300 is still going to be really swingy. But 300 for sure right now. I don't think buying in for more than 300 is really an option.
  • BradleyTBradleyT Posts: 621Subscriber, Professional
    Tough because of your limited roll. IMO you should be doing anything you can outside the game to build up because the game is so lucrative. The rake should be fine. We had $6/half hour on $1-2 no limit for a while and it was still beatable.
  • CrushLiveDegensCrushLiveDegens Posts: 63Subscriber, Professional
    edited November 2017
    Ideally you want to have all of the bad players covered. If the larger stacks are fishy I would start with 500.
  • JamesSuhJamesSuh Posts: 320Subscriber
    Show us how degen you are and put your whole roll on the table, jk

    300 seems decent from what you described but also remember, even if you have a smaller number of buyins effective if you buy in larger (ie you'd have 18 $500 buyins or 9 $1000 buyins), you are less likely to go broke with a deeper stack.
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