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2-5 River spot

JKHJKH Posts: 835Subscriber
edited July 2017 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hero (stack 1800) solid winning image 35 year old white male
2-5 game
Relevant Villian: (stack 1400) is fishy losing Laggy Reg in a wheelchair, lots of history with hero and Villian will bluff occasionally is about 40. He will play all draws passively.
Preflop: utg +1 hero raises to 25 with K Q
Relevant Villian called on button and non relevant calls from blind.
Flop: (75) K :s: T 7 :s: Hero bets 75 button calls and blind fold
Turn: 7 (225) Hero bets 125 button calls
River: (725) 5 :s: hero checks Villian bets 275

My rational for the hand is as follows -preflop I had larger sizing 5x b/c table was loose and I did not want alot of callers when I am out of position.
Flop: I bet pot b/c of very wet board
Turn: tuned down bet size slightly compared to pot just in case I am being trapped by 10 10, 77, K T, or T7 as player is fishy enough to slow play flop with wet board. I
River: I checked and thought ok he is rarely value betting a king and certainly not a weaker king, unlikely to have a 7 b/c of my flop sizing so he either has a flush or better or 98 suited or qj suited or offsuit.

Thoughts on hand, sizing and river decision please.

I genuinely appreciate all comments


  • TastesLikeBurningTastesLikeBurning Posts: 429Subscriber, Professional
    Looks like a call vs a reasonable range of:

    AsQs-As8s, As6s-As2s, K7s, QJs, QsTs-Qs9s, Js8s+, T7s, Ts8s+, 98s, 6s4s, QJo, T7o, 98o

    We have 50% equity vs that range. The question is, how many flushes does he have?

    AsQs-As8s, As6s-As2s, Kh7h, Kc7c, Kd7d, QJs, QsTs-Qs8s, Qs6s, Qs4s-Qs2s, Js8s+, Js6s, Js4s-Js2s, T7s, Ts8s+, Ts6s, Ts4s-Ts2s, 98s, 9s6s, 8s6s, 7s6s, 6s4s, QJo, T7o, 98o

    A wider range we still have 38% shockingly enough, still enough to call.

    Now if you only give him the suited QJ combos that he turns into a bluff, we only have 28% equity. Still enough to call, but it all depends on what frequency hell bluff the river.

    Tbh thought the river was a fold on the surface but looks like it's a call.
    Thanked by 1JKH
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