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What is a 4 bet in your games?

ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
I got a lot of flack in the LATB chat last week when others couldn't believe I folded KK or QQ to a 4 bet all in. Others kept saying I was 50/50 against a range of AK, JJ+.. I really couldn't get across that the range of the players in my game don't 4 bet that wide and generally it's just KK and AA and against that range I have to fold KKs or QQs unless the 4 bettor is short and I have 3:1 odds..

Just curious with the games you all play what you have seen?

I think that many games that are bigger than the 2/3 100bbs buy in game that the play is wider as the player pool tries to steal pots pre when there is dead money. Its a great play that I myself made this past weekend against a looser more aggressive player with just JJ..but this is rare..



  • chilidogchilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    I think the smaller the stakes, the more likely it is that the 4bet ship is exactly AA or KK. As you get into mid stakes NL and higher, ranges become wider obv. I personally will 4bet pre with AK, depending on the opponent(s), especially if there is a lot of money behind (deep effective stacks), or if my 4bet is an all in bet (short stacks). People will usually fold JJ, sometimes fold QQ and boom , hero profits. I have folded KK pre a few times, but that requires a pretty special scenario and/or villian.
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