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The LOL hand of the night

FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,577Subscriber
Decided to run down to Miami to see my mom the other day. Went to the Indian casino on 8th street which is a madhouse. No 2/5 so I played 1/2 for fun seeing if Crazy Pineapple 2/5 will start. Saw this hand go down. Someone was pissed, most were stunned, I was laughing (on the inside).

EP limper, UTG+1 (tight player) raises $8, V calls MP, 2 more callers, limper calls. I folded SB

~$40 FLOP A T :s: 7 - EP X, UTG+1 bets $20, MP calls, CO calls, BB folds, EP folds
~$100 TURN 3 - UTG+1 bets $50, MP calls, CO folds
~$200 RIVER J - UTG+1 X (clearly not liking this river), MP instantly shoves something like $60-$70.

tight player hems and haws, nice hand flips over AQdd as he folds. Fish instantly flips over 4 4 :s: the table loses it. the tight player loses it.

Just because a fish will make a play like this doesn't mean he does it all the time. I rarely see this happen but man it was funny. Glad it didn't happen to me.
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