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Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,152Administrator, LeadPro
It's quintessential Tuck as he talks poker, football (both fantasy and real), beer and politics.



  • nofriends333nofriends333 Posts: 887Troll
    In the future edit your phone calls in the podcast so the listeners don't have to be tortured by that idiot who failed to remember the sequence of his hand. I called a while back and was berated (not in mean way) because i failed to remember only the table dynamics blinds position etc etc when this guy barely remembered just the flop let alone his hand. With that said, i still side with him somewhat because there are some that cannot remember what they ate for breakfast the previous day. If casinos would implement a rule which allowed us to videotape our hand as it plays out with our cell phone camera , you have no idea how that would turn a fair to mediocre player into a great player alot faster than the primitive methods remembering hand , writing it down etc. It would make it alot easier on your coach to analyze as well as the experts in forums such as this. Of course that will never happen unless you want to go the concealed route which might be risky but better option
  • DavidTuchmanDavidTuchman Posts: 791Pro
    Wish I had the resources to screen callers ... I feel your pain bro
  • workinghardworkinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    jcw's mission was to diffuse his tilt to everyone who was listening. job well done.
    Thanked by 1DavidTuchman
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