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Crush Live Call-ins 94: Back in MA

Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,152Administrator, LeadPro
Bart is back at his parent's house in Boston and takes some calls regarding bet sizing, overplaying and variance.



  • JKHJKH Posts: 837Subscriber
    edited August 2016
    Hand -recap- 2-5 game 1200 effective, 4 way limped pot hero in bb raises to 50 with qq. 250 in pot on flop, Flop is aqj rainbow hero leads for 150, folds to relevant Villian ( stuck aggressive good player playing laggy) who calls on button he over limped preflop. Turn offsuit 9 hero checks Villain bets 280, hero raises Villian all in. Villian has ten 8 board bricks

    So @Bart I phoned in with the QQ hand and want to confirm that I am correct on why my check raise on the turn was an overplay.

    B/c the Villian is good and is never calling the check raise with one pair and can possibly hero fold a weak 2 pair and never has a set or strong 2 pair because of preflop action, and folds all his bluffs & can essentially only call with the 2 straight hands that beat me.
    As played likely a better turn line is to call, and lead on non-one liner rivers & check make a decision on a king or ten river?
    Thinking about it I am pretty sure I raised the turn for 2 bad reasons.
    1. If the river was a king or ten I was going to check and possibly get bluffed, or make a potentially gross hero caIl because my hand at qq really turns into a bluff catcher on a one liner river, and I feel the Villian is capable of turning one pair or even a weak 2 pair into a bluff.
    2. Being that my hand could basically become a bluff catcher on the river it has a high level of absolute value on the turn, and the check raise saves me from a tough river decision...... (Which I am aware avoiding a tough decision is probably the worst / fishiest reason to raise the turn)
  • ClockClock Posts: 1,133Subscriber
    What was the result of the last hand?
  • JKHJKH Posts: 837Subscriber
    Clock wrote: »
    What was the result of the last hand?
    Villian had ten 8 board bricked out
    Thanked by 2Bart Hanson Clock
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