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Which game would you play

MDBMDB Posts: 27Subscriber
edited July 2016 in Low Content Forum
$1/$2 100bb : 10% max $8 + $1 BBJ
$2/$5 100bb : 5% max 14$ + $1 BBJ


  • chilidogchilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    I'd play Go Fish
  • BKismBKism Posts: 203Subscriber, Professional
    Michael, where are you located? I am assuming outside the States with these high rakes.

    All things being somewhat equal, I would play a 2BB raked game over a 4.5 BB raked game.

    Good luck! I hope the player pool is weak to make up for the high rake.
  • BKismBKism Posts: 203Subscriber, Professional
    Make that 3 BB rake game 2/5. Ugh, it is ugly.
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  • MDBMDB Posts: 27Subscriber
    Yes you're right. I'm from Montreal Canada.

    Thanks for your answer.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    $2/$5 game.
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  • BKismBKism Posts: 203Subscriber, Professional
    That is the rake at the Playground?
  • MDBMDB Posts: 27Subscriber
    Yes it is !!! the Montreal casino's rake is a little bit lower but older reg/rec with money to throw away prefer the playground because of the sexy waitresses and the free foods and drinks at the table.

    I can't say I have enough data to make that assumption but my feeling is that there's more action at the Playground.

  • MDBMDB Posts: 27Subscriber
    I'm not a pro I have a day job and I'm fine with that. I'm just someone who had decent results in low stakes tournaments and build-up a 5K poker bankroll and now I want to play cash games because it's more convenient than tournaments regarding my schedule. I don't have a winning history at $1/$2 and I only played half a dozen sessions so far. I'm a slight looser. Most sessions were before I started studying on CLP. I only play on weekends so even if I do log everything, I'm not sure it will ever become meaningful data because the hours played would span over too much time.

    I know I don't have a big enough bankroll to play $2/$5 if I would follow standard BRM but maybe I should play the $2/$5 anyway because of the rake.

  • FreeLunchFreeLunch Posts: 1,311Pro
    @MichelDB - when you have a job your roll is not just your poker savings it also should include the money you are willing to put back into poker if you go bust. I doubt that $2 game is beatable. You want to play where the people are willing to lose the most money - so watch how frequently people rebuy. My guess is that is at the $5 game. The 5% rakes is actualy good in that it is more profitable to take down a lot of smaller pots which would be over raked in the $2 game.
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  • MDBMDB Posts: 27Subscriber
    edited July 2016
    @FreeLunch. How much money I am willing to put back? Well it's hard to tell. I mean I can afford to put more money into poker but honestly I would prefer not to. I would be prouder of myself if I don't have to and if I successfully maintain / make the roll grow. Even if it's a very slow pace.

    If I go broke, I might go back to play tournaments and try to build up another roll instead.

    Maybe I should stick to tournaments until I have a bigger roll. But honestly playing fridays or saturdays until 3-4 am (when I make a deep run) messes up my sleeping habits. I'm not in my 20's anymore and doing that takes a toll I'd prefer not to pay :P.
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  • FreeLunchFreeLunch Posts: 1,311Pro
    If the rake is that high - its hard to imaging the juice on the tournament is a deal. Anything more than 10% juice in a tournie is probably unbeatable.

    If you take a shot at $5 and lose 2k is it the end of the world? Its risky but if you do ok then onwards and upwards but you have a better chance of making progress than if you play the $2 games.
  • MDBMDB Posts: 27Subscriber
    No it's not the end of the world if I loose 2k. It's not the end of the world if I loose it all. I mean, I would be sad, but that 5K is dedicated to poker.

    I don't play in tournaments with more than 10% fees but they exists at the playground. This Saturday there's a special $300+$30 that starts at 11am that I might play but normally I play the $100+$10 on Saturday nights or $90+$10+$25 bounty on friday nights
  • FreeLunchFreeLunch Posts: 1,311Pro
    Interesting - the trend in tournie fees in the US seems much higher so I would have thought with the rake so high in cash it would be the same. Possible problem is that you are even more under rolled for tournaments than cash. I think people underestimate tournie roll requirements. But if you are going to tilt by going months at a time without results and are a causal player there might be an argument that given those rakes/vigs that tournies are better for you.
  • MDBMDB Posts: 27Subscriber
    Well, I never approached playing tournaments from a BRM standpoint. I'm a rec player and I can afford to play a $100 tournament every week if I want to and it would not matter if I never win anything. I'd be fine with it because tournaments are fun.

    When I began to do well in tournaments, I always set my winnings aside to pay for future buy-ins. If I'd ran out of money in this "budget", then I would pay the next tournament with money that I have earned working.

    Then I got better, made the money on a more regular basis and built up a small 5k roll or budget.

    Anyway I made my decision. I'll take a shot at $2/$5 this week-end and will try to implement things I've been studying on CLP in the past two weeks.
  • FreeLunchFreeLunch Posts: 1,311Pro
    Sounds like a good plan Take a shot at $5 until you either crush or hit your pain threshold then play tourneys out of regular cash flow until you rebuild.

    Dont forget to run good!
  • stayinschoolstayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
    2/5, that 1/2 is probably close to unbeatable
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  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,575Subscriber
    2/5 live.... can play 5/10 but I can make almost the same money with less variance @ 2/5
    50c/1 and 1/2 online

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