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Getting the nuts but no value...poor play?

2/5 NL

Hero has good solid image, up about $500 and has about $1000 in chips. No hand history with V, who just sat down about 30 minutes ago. V is youngish white guy in his late 20s who seems like a regular and came from 5-10 table. V has about $800.

V2 raises to $20 pre-flop, Hero calls in BB with AcJs, V calls in UTG. 3-way action.

Flop 4c5c7c. Pot $60.

Hero leads out for $30. V quickly calls. V2 quickly folds.

Turn 9d. (Pot $120). Hero checks. V stares Hero down and bets $75. Hero waits a few seconds and calls.

River Tc. (Pot $270). Hero bets $125. V quickly folds.

Did I play this as badly as it felt at the time? By leading out the flop, I thought I was disguising my hand as a "made hand" and one where I was not drawing to the flush. Should I have kept firing on the turn to give myself a better chance to get paid off on the river? I felt I was getting decent enough odds on the turn to call (9 outs to a flush and 6 overcards gives a 30% chance to hit something on the river), but obviously got nothing on the river. Should I have checked the river and hope V would rep the flush by bluffing? Made smaller river bet?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


  • stayinschoolstayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
    Yea i don't love turn check. I like just going pot pot pot here, or even overbetting some streets. Don't think you induce many bluffs by checking especially when you hold Ac.
  • JacklambJacklamb Posts: 561Subscriber
    There's not really a way to play this hand that gets value. You can play it several ways. With whatever he had, you're probably just never getting paid off when the flush hits. Maybe bluff more 4 flushes in this spot when you don't have it.
  • MastaC707MastaC707 Posts: 95Subscriber
    Im lost trying to figure out the preflop action. Whats your read on V2? Where did he raise from? Did V1 limp call or did he straddle and call?

    I think with out more information its a little hard to give you relevant feedback.

    With that said, its not crazy to expect some bluffs or thin value bets by the V when you check the turn. I think a case can be made to check back the river and give the V a chance to continue his bluffs.

  • pokerguy1977pokerguy1977 Posts: 37Member
    Sorry about that. V1 limped pre-flop from UTG, V2 raised pre-flop from late position, I called in BB, and V1 called. So V1''s range was quite wide, but we can definitely rule out any big overpairs. He was pretty aggressive pre-flop. Think we can probably put him on a hand such as A7. Never really had a read on V2..he folded after the flop, and probably just had two overcards with no clubs.

    At this level of poker, I was wondering how often checking the river to induce a bluff or some kind of thin value bet actually works. Obviously it's villian dependent, and V1 did seem like a pretty sharp player.


  • irwinbetirwinbet Posts: 408Subscriber
    I think I prefer a CR on the flop vs leading out. Your description of V2 makes me think he can be pretty wide here. Our hand is a draw & I think a CR gives us more fold equity than a lead. This board probably hits us more calling in the BB more than it does his range from late position.
    As played I think I would size the river bet smaller, maybe around $75. Our hand looks a little transparent. We're trying to get value from worse & there aren't a lot of worse hands that play this way that will still call a river bet.
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