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Getting around in Vegas

CalgaryPokerGuyCalgaryPokerGuy Posts: 342Subscriber
edited June 2016 in Las Vegas and WSOP
So I recently spent 2 weeks in Vegas.

Being from Calgary, where we only had Uber active for a couple days, I hadn't had the chance to use it but had the Uber app ready to go. I used it on my first day in Vegas to stock up my room with groceries. Only then I learned about "Lyft", another Uber-like app alive and well in Vegas. I'd never heard of it but most Uber drivers in Vegas also drive for Lyft and seem to prefer it. The driver gave me a code which gave me $5 off my next 10 rides.

I used up my 10 rides over the next two weeks and spent about $50 total (including tips and the $50 discount). Had I taken taxis I'm sure I would have spent $200+ so it was a savings for sure. The taxi from the airport alone (to Bally's) gouged me for $24. I also learned Lyft (and Uber) pick up from the airport, so I'll also use them in the future as their rates are way cheaper than taxis even without $5 off per ride.

The code PETE251738 will work for anyone that hasn't used the app, just enter the code (tap top left icon -> select "payment" -> enter into "add credit code") prior to first use and you're set.

I wasn't sure if wait times would be affected but they're all over Vegas so it was always just a few minutes. Very easy to communicate with the drivers too to set up special pick up spots. Enjoy and good luck crushing the games!
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  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,147Administrator, LeadPro
    Uber/Lyft are definitely far superior to taxis. This is even more pronounced in LA where I think the ridesharing prices are like .90c per mile as compared to a taxi at $2.70 a mile.
    Thanked by 1Luckycharms74
  • Luckycharms74Luckycharms74 Posts: 8Subscriber
    Thanks for that info. I'm arriving in Vegas on the 22nd Sept and you have saved me money :)
    Much appreciated.
  • MikeGMikeG Posts: 989Subscriber
    Taxis still exist?! Uber/Lyft for sure!

    Only benefit to using a Taxi in vegas is that they'll almost surely try to screw you on the ride from airport to the strip and then you can call them on it after the fact and then say that they have two options: Accept (insert lowball offer her) or call the cops. They'll take the lowball offer.

    But seriously, never use taxis anymore. Uber/Lyft are so far ahead of the game.
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  • Luckycharms74Luckycharms74 Posts: 8Subscriber
    Thanks for the tips about Uber. We used Uber 5/6 times in Vegas and it was perfect.
    The only time I had to use taxi was from Aria to Venetian, as my phone battery died and couldn't call Uber...lol
    Highly recommend Uber/Lyft to anyone travelling to Vegas in the future.
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