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2/5 four hands vs same villian

TDFTDF Posts: 1,130Subscriber
Villain sits on direct left of Hero. He has biggest stack at the table by far. He’s active PF. Opens and limps often. Calls with any two suited cards. Post flop got couth bluffing river once. When open PF cbets very often (close to 100%) and barrels turn also very often. Sometimes bets turn very big – close to PSB or over. Table is very weak so he runs it over. Mostly wins without showdown.

Hand 1
EP limps, MP(1000) limps, Hero(450) in CO opens QsJc to 30, Villain calls OTB, EP folds, MP calls.
Jh7c3c (95) MP bets 75, Hero calls, Villain calls
2d (320) MP cuts out about 200 like he’s going to bet, gives Hero scary look and checks. Hero puts him on FD and Villain on Jx. Hero moves AI for 345. Fold, fold.
Villain claimed he had KJ, MP claimed FD.

Hand 2
Hero(600) opens AhKd UTG to 25, Villain(1000) calls, all fold
Qs2s2c (55) Hero cbets 35, Villain calls
6h (125) Hero chks, Villain bets 105, Hero folds
I think Villain can be floating flop and bluffing turn very often here but I’m worried about making big mistake facing river bet UI.

Hand 3
MP limps, Hero(450) opens 9d9h OTB to 25, Villain(1000) calls in SB, MP folds. HU to flop.
Tc6c2h (60) Villain chks, Hero bets 45, Villain calls
8s (150) Villain chks, Hero bets 105, Villain calls
Jd (360) Villain chks, Hero chks. Villain wins with Td5d.

Hand 4
MP limps, Hero(420) opens Jc8c in CO to 25, Villain calls OTB, all fold. HU to flop
AcKhTd (60) Hero bets 35, Villain calls.
Qs (130) Hero bets 105, Villain calls.
6h (340) Hero(255) moves AI or chks to induce?


  • eselspieleselspiel Posts: 115Subscriber
    Hand 3 shows villian will check back the river with a hand with SDV.

    Nothing else shows that villian will make a big river bluff.

    You've been firing all three streetson a scary board indicating a pretty strong hand, and the board hits your opening range. The only draw OTF is the straight draw, so there is nothing the villain missed. Unlikely the villain is going to spring to life on the river and bet after you check.

    Therefore, Hand 4 should be a bet on the river to at least attempt to get some value.
  • MattKGBMattKGB Posts: 35Subscriber
    Hand 1 : i think when mp donks that much he has Jx very often , especially when he acts like he wants to bet the turn but doesn't. Most of the time he should have some kind of showdown value. So i would probably raise fold the flop. May be it's spewy though. As played , I think on the turn when we bet , our hand looks like exactly what is and somewhat face up.
    Hand4: i would bet somethimg like 80 to get a crying call or may be even a spazz sometimes.
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