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Crush Live Poker Video No. 247: High Stakes Poker with Phil Hellmuth

CLP_CraigCLP_Craig Posts: 777Administrator
Check out my latest high stakes poker cash game session on Poker Night in America where I battle it out with Phil Hellmuth and a fun group of pros and amateurs. Included in the video is a special section on mental focus, tilt control and poker psychology.

Episode posts at 11 am pst.



  • justobservejustobserve Posts: 4Subscriber, Professional
    edited May 2016
    Great video, I really enjoy how you spend amply time on each spot to really go over every detail. I feel most training sites really lack this. I am member here for various reasons, but your videos are def the top reason.. thanks again great vid
  • DeorumDeorum Posts: 52Subscriber
    In the last hand you state that the turn check back with TT is fine because when he bets you're either folding a draw or check raising a straight or a set. But then on the river you state that you won't try to bluff even a scary board because you think that he is likely to call. While I agree that betting to protect equity is generally not a strong enough reason to bet, here it seems prudent to bet for equity protection if he is either folding out draws or getting check raised by made hands specifically because he is going to lose the bet when you do have a straight or set on the river anyway. It seems that by checking all he really does is give you a free card when you have a draw, or possibly save a bet the rare times you were going to check raise the turn with a set or a straight but a heart falls which allows him to get away from his hand.

    You stated that you would have just folded had he bet the turn, but he may not know this. Should he be particularly concerned with your possibly check raise semi bluffing the turn? You also said you wouldn't bluff the river because you expected to be called even on a scary runout, so there doesn't appear to be much value in checking the turn to induce a river bluff, but again, he may not know this. Do you think he should strongly consider checking the turn to induce a river bluff? Given the way this hand was played, I don't think there's much value in inducing a river bluff or even checking the turn to get looked up lightly by an 8 (though I don't think you really have any 8s in your range). Is there another reason why you think checking back the turn is reasonable?
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