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Raised on the flop with AK

PokerDuderPokerDuder Posts: 58Subscriber
edited May 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion

$300 Effective

Villain is new to the table. He sat down about an hour ago with $200ish which leads me to believe he is more rec. No real reads or image. He is a younger guy. Side note: He is REALLY good at playing with his chips, lol.

I'm in the HJ with A K :s:. I open-raise to $20. Villain is in the CO and calls.

$40. Flop comes A J 5.

I lead out for $30 and get raised to $65.

So this is an area where I struggle. I'm not sure what to do. I'm obviously not folding at this point in the hand. The raise is so small, I don't really know what to put him on. But my inclination is that he isn't very strong based on his bet sizing. (How do typically interpret min-raises like this?)

For ranges, he could have KQ or QT for a gutter. I suppose sets and AJ but I think that's unlikely given his small sizing. Maybe he is doing this with 99? I dunno.

So my main question is: how would you play this only 60bb deep? And if it would be any different if we were 100bb deep?

Do you shove? This is likely a WAWB spot.
Do you re-raise?
Do you just call? If you just call, do you ever lead the turn?

Thanks a bunch for your thoughts.


  • ddzddz Posts: 152Subscriber, Professional
    Based on villains sizing, I would assume that you are ahead here and he is making a "find out where I'm at raise" with a worse ace.

    Shoving folds out worse and only gets better to call. I think you have a few options here. U can call and then decide your opponents range and thus your action based on his turn action and bet sizing.

    If u want to be a little more aggressive about getting value you can either call and then lead turn ( if you bet small enough you can definitely get called by worse aces). Alternatively, you could min 3-bet here to $100 and lead small on turn.
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