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Montreal Poker

BlackBoxEquityBlackBoxEquity Posts: 165Subscriber
edited May 2016 in Low Content Forum
Will be in Montreal Wed-Sat and would like to play some poker.
1) Anyone have experience at Casino Montreal (much closer to my hotel) or Playground?
2) I've heard Casino Montreal has a strict dress code (mixed info online), can anyone expand? Jeans and button down OK?
3) What is suggested way to exchange USD to CAD? Just use my ATM in Canada?
4) What about converting any winnings (hopefully) back to USD?


  • qbert80qbert80 Posts: 52Subscriber
    Hi, to answer your qs:

    1) Yes, much more at PG than @ Casino Montreal, since the latter is a dump. Advantage is lower rake and geographical proximity. Also, the 2-5 can be softer, though be wary since it's the biggest game in the room every time I've been there, while PG will have bigger games running and thus plenty of spots in the 2-5 game. PG also has awesome free (with a tip) food, and super hot chicks who serve the food. Seriously, they're not waitresses, they're models who serve so that PG can fire them if they get fat or ugly. also I like to game select and so PG is way better, since they're pretty good about table changing.

    2) No. Definitely no dress code. I've been 3 times all during weekend and no issues with jeans and tee.

    3) Don't know the best answer to that one. I think you should be fine with your debit card, but depends on your bank. To be safe, your best bet is just buy a bunch of CDN $ from your local bank before you go. Or you can exchange at the Casino. The Casino may do a buyback like all Ontario casinos (ie, you pay a shitty rate but you can sell back your CDN into USD within 24 hrs at the exact same rate that you paid to buy it). PG gives a really shitty rate and doesn't have a buy back policy.

    4) oh, I kinda just answered that. But again, I'd recommend using your local bank. BOA, TD, they'll all buy back your CDN dollars once you're back home in the States. Or you can use the exchange place on St. Catherine. they give the best rate in the city by all accounts.

    fyi I'll be at PG on Friday the 13th & Sat. the 14th, so maybe i'll see you there.
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