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1/3 turn hits my range hard.

BeatsmeBeatsme Posts: 603Subscriber
Villain (George) is a sticky player. He will peel the flop pretty wide and doesn't like to fold top pair. He is capable of crazy tilt but currently is up and not tilting. Come to think of it he usually sits down on tilt! Very emotional player. He actively trys to think about his opponents range. He has known me for years and views me as a winning tight player. He usually will give me a bit more respect than other players.

400 eff
I open QJ to 15 over 2 limps
Brad calls otb
George limp calls

Flop (45) J 6 5 r
I bet 25
Brad folds
George calls

Turn (95) A

So should I check this back? Or continue to go for value (what's your sizing?)


  • shelvock22shelvock22 Posts: 5Subscriber, Professional
    Value bet all day. So much value to be gained by hands that may only call on the turn. J8-JQ 77-1010, 78, 910hh/810hh/97hh, 5xhh.
  • Rocketman74Rocketman74 Posts: 451Subscriber
    Are you afraid that if you bet the turn you'll lose worse hands (as they'll fold because the ace hits you're range?) That's viable but I think the value lost would be of greater concern. Just bet smaller.
  • BeatsmeBeatsme Posts: 603Subscriber
    The more i think about this spot i think i can really get only get 1 more street of value. Which is better the turn or the river? The turn is the street for the draws but since it's a rainbow board really 78 and 34 are the only draws. I figure weak pairs may fold ott but make a crying call otr if I bet small.

    I guess I'm trying to apply the everyone puts you on AK and will to continue to call down on Q and J high boards "concept". In this example I thought the A foiled my plans a bit.
    as played i bet the turn 30. And villain check raised to 100. I thought it was a pretty easy fold. Now i think did i accidentally induce a raise form a hand that i beat from my small sizing.
  • shelvock22shelvock22 Posts: 5Subscriber, Professional
    edited May 2016
    Turn not river due to all the hands i listed before. That's roughly 18 combos of draws depending on how many 5xhh's and 78o's there are, and the made hands don't have to see a scary river before deciding to call or fold.

    $30 sizing should never be used in this spot. Can't think of any hand in your range that benefits from this sizing. $55-$70 would be much better. ($60 is the standard i use here)

    Edit: if 34s is in his range that's an extra 4 combos of hands that are only paying you on turn. More incentive to bet now vs river.
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