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1/2 nl review (Equity protection/ bluff prevention)


  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,575Subscriber
    In this hand either your villain has a boat or better, AK, or a worse Ax hand.

    7 combos crush you
    9 combos tie you
    many more you beat that only have 3 outs.

    So the real question is this. How can you get value from the multitude of combos you beat.
    #1 he has to bluff on the river with the worse hands often. In this case check turn, call river. If he has a boat he will realize you don't have a hand and will probably bet small (as a bad player would) trying to get value.

    #2 he is a caller. In which he will either call the turn once with Ace high or call a river bet with Ace high and bet his boat probably on the river. So you have to determine which combo he does. So if he X-X then you can bet Ace high if he calls Ace high. If you think he calls here and folds the river then bet the T and X the river.
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