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Too ambitious for 3 streets?

chefwookieechefwookiee Posts: 5Subscriber
edited April 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I have a hand I'd like to get a second opinion on.

It's from the equivalent of a $1-$2 cash game in a casino in Mexico.

The game at this level of course is pretty amateurish with lots of loose calls with top pair/poor kicker, draws and even second pair calling multiple streets. Any pre flop 3-bets or post-flop raises are almost certainly with nutted hands and It's nearly impossible to pick up a pot pre flop without a huge raise.

I was in the big blind with a little less than 100 big blinds in my stack. The pot was limped from early position and called by hijack, cutoff, button and small blind, all of whom had 80-100 big blinds except the button who had the table covered. I happily checked with K:s:-5:c: to see a flop.

I have a good, solid, aggressive image at the table but, to be honest, I don't think the villains in this hand pay much attention to such things.

Flop comes K:c:-5:s:-2:s:. I decide to bet full pot as i was almost sure to be way ahead. I would be called by any King, flush draw or pair/backdoor draws and would definitely get raised by a set because of the flush draw out there.

The original limper - a typical older gentleman - calls casually, as does the button - another older man who has been running well but playing a lot of garbage without paying attention to pot odds or relative hand strength.

Pot is now $30

Turn comes A:d:

I still reckon Im well ahead and not only could get another street of value from a king and the flush draws, but would now get called by someone sticking around with an ace in position to "see what happens"

I decide another big-sized bet is in order. I didn't want to play a river out of position vs 2 opponents and against straightforward players like these I was pretty certain of a raise from a hand better than mine.

I overbet to $50

Original caller folds and button calls very quickly. I give him probably a flush draw, maybe with the ace, unsure if he would raise with that or not.

Pot is now $130, i have $70 or so behind.

River comes 7c

Is a third street of value too ambitious here? What line should i take? Bet/fold to a raise (don't think I could)? Check call (don't think so)? Check/fold to a strong bet? Should I have bet less on the flop or turn?

I decided to go for another street of value as i thought an ace was just so likely to call me but check back if i didn't bet. I also thought he was unlikely to bluff a missed flush draw if i checked and so wouldn't make any more anyway.

I bet all in and he snap called with As7s for a missed flush draw that backed into 2 pair.

I think I'd play it the same way again but would appreciate some input.

Many thanks.



  • squishmytomatosquishmytomato Posts: 352Subscriber, Professional
    i think you played it fine. you're not getting away from this 100bb deep so you may as well shove and get value from ace high flush draws that missed.
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